Japanese Launch Sales Figures For PlayStation 5 And Xbox Series X/S

Japanese Launch Sales Figures For PlayStation 5 And Xbox Series X/S
Image: Sony,Image: Microsoft

Curious to know how the PlayStation 5’s launch went in Japan? What about the Xbox Series X and S? Well, good news, because Famitsu is reporting the first Japanese sales numbers for both new consoles.

According to Famitsu, between November 12 and November 15, the PlayStation 5 sold 118,085 consoles in Japan. (Note that these numbers also include the digital edition.) The biggest selling physical game was Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales at 18,640 copies, which was followed closely by Demon’s Souls at 18,607 copies.

The Xbox Series X and S sold 20,534 units between November 10 and 15. Famitsu added that preorders for both consoles were sold out and it was still hard to get either console at launch, but supply should increase for the holiday shopping season. 

In comparison, the PlayStation 4 sold 309,154 units in Japan during its first week on sale in 2014, while the Xbox One sold 23,562 units during its first four days on sale in the country. Back in 2005, the Xbox 360 sold over 60,000 units in its first two days on sale in Japan. 


  • So.. none of this is unsurprising.. Japan continues to not want U.S. consoles..

    At least in the year 2020 when everything is ass about backward, it’s nice to know somethings won’t change..

    • And yet they still sold out of them?
      The numbers on both platforms are meaningless because there isn’t stock to sell.

    • Nothing that we don’t already know unfortunately.

      Still on track for to release 11 million units this year and supply chains are buggered at the moment.

    • When I spoke to EB she said they got 70,000 ps5’s and 25,000 Xbox’s, she said they got the most stock out of any retailer. She didn’t know if this was just Australia or Australia and New Zealand, whether that number is any indication.

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