Big W Won’t Sell The PS5 For At Least A Few Weeks Now

Big W Won’t Sell The PS5 For At Least A Few Weeks Now

Despite announcing earlier this week that they would have pre orders today, hopeful PS5 Big W customers have been told to check back “in a few weeks”.

The retailer announced on its site that it would have more PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition consoles available for preorder on Thursday, similar to other Australian stores. But the big day proved too much for Big W, which announced this morning that their PS5 pre orders wouldn’t be available:


ps5 big w
Image: Big W

“Due to unforeseen circumstances we will not be able to offer customers additional PlayStation 5 console pre-orders on the 12th November,” Big W says on the store page. “Please keep your eye on for further information in the coming weeks.”

The circumstances don’t sound particularly good. On the one hand, it does at least mean that one other Australian retailer will have some PS5 supply before Christmas. It’s not known whether the consoles will actually ship before Christmas, or if they’ll be from an early 2021 wave.

The troubles don’t seem limited to Big W, however. Target, another retailer due to offer more PS5 pre orders from today, has yet to make any listings live on their website. It sounds like a potential issue with stock — or perhaps some kind of misallocation of stock on a broader scale.

Either way, anyone wanting a PS5 from Big W will have to wait. Or anyone wanting a PS5 from anywhere, really. As we find out more, we’ll keep you posted.


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