PlayStation 5: Australian Price, Release Date And Where To Pre-Order

PlayStation 5: Australian Price, Release Date And Where To Pre-Order
Image: Sony
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Mere months out from release, Sony has finally confirmed pricing and availability for the PS5.

The Digital Edition of the PlayStation 5 will launch at $599.95 in Australia while the flagship PlayStation 5 model will launch at $749.95.

This puts it squarely in line with the Xbox Series X, with the digital edition $100 more expensive than the Xbox Series S.

You can already pre-order the PlayStation 5 at EB Games, JB Hi-Fi, the official Sony store, Harvey Norman, Target, Big W, The Good Guys and The Gamesmen. Stock is in pretty short supply, so chances are you might have to wait or go on a waiting list until more supply arrives in Australia.

If you want to pre-order from Amazon you can do so here. Prime members save $30, it’s free delivery and you won’t be charged until it ships.

Here’s all the games available with the PS5 at launch:


Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

assassin's creed valhalla ubisoft+ plus ubisoft

Demon’s Souls


Sackboy: A Big Adventure


NBA 2K21

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

We’ve also got a full review of the PS5 here:

This review has spent 3,000 words talking about the PlayStation 5, which is the most I’ve written about anything. It’s as good a video game console as there has ever been. The combination of ultra high-definition video, increased framerates, high-end graphics techniques like ray tracing, and the lightning-fast SSD make it feel like a real-deal, next-gen successor to the PlayStation 4. And if you’re not ready to give up on the previous console, the PlayStation 5 reliably runs a vast majority of the PlayStation 4 library, with many of those games receiving upgrades to fidelity, framerate, and loading times.

And a review of the first major next-gen title, Spider-Man: Miles Morales:

Mostly, Miles Morales needed to answer one main question. Was his adventure just as worthwhile as Parker’s return to video games two years ago? Fundamentally, yes. It’s not as groundbreaking in a technical sense, but it is a thrilling, enjoyable romp worthy of the Miles Morales name.


  • PlayStation Plus collection is a good answer to Xbox Game Pass.
    Some of the best games from Last Gen available day 1!
    Surprised at the games that’ll be console exclusive so early on.
    Everything looked beautiful and I’m sure Sony still has more to share. Love it.

    • It’s such a simple answer in retrospect. I don’t know why they didn’t do it sooner. I guess the timing is around trying to make it seem new instead of the status quo, as a selling point.

      Up until this point, with no exciting exclusives either side, cross-platform defaults, and nearly-identical hardware, xszxboxsxzxzsx had been edging ahead on the value proposition of game pass.

      Thing that’s got me curious is how Sony’s going to commit to the ‘Plus Collection’. Is it just going to be the big marquee titles that so many of us already own anyway, or are they going to bring in some of the tasty, tasty indies that makes gamepass more worthwhile to me?

      • I think it is more sonys game.. they see this service as a gamepass killer. All those games are steller and no need to rush it out on ps4. I think a full powered next gen console at the same price as a machine with almost half the power us going to be a big pull for the all digital version. Which i assume will be not like a jet engine this gen

    • So can someone explain this? A service that let’s you download ps4 games? Does it cost money? Can I just put my ps4 disc into my ps5? Do I even need this new service?

      • Its part of playstation plus, the online subscription. If you have the subscription you can play those games on your ps5 from launch. Once you cancel your subscription, you will no longer have access to those games.

    • Kinda? Most are already in the PS ecosystem for PS exclusives, of which most of us bought with PS4.

      I really don’t see the value tbh.

      • Yeah, for me the only value might be in finally getting around to playing Last Guardian or Days Gone or something that I didn’t get hype about day one, but I don’t think we’re the target audience for this move. I reckon this is an attempt to win over folks who are eyeing off nextboxes and gamepass. They’d have to add a LOT more games – and new ones – for it to be anywhere close to current, but if you were on the fence and missed all the PS4 exclusives, getting to play them in a subscription on more powerful hardware is a pretty good value proposition.

  • Hmm….I though the ps5 would have to have been cheaper than the Series X. I’m a PlayStation guy, but the Series X sure is tempting now. Or even more tempting is a new 3000 series card.

      • The hardware is not identical. There are pros and cons for both consoles but if anything I thought the ps5 would be more expensive simply due to the fact that Microsoft can more easily afford to lose money on console sales.

        Good price points all around I think.

        • There’s a reason I said ‘effectively’ identical. The differences are pretty close to insignificant and the relative strengths of each need to be capitalised on by developers to be noticeable. Definitely not enough difference to justify a price difference based on clear superiority.

          • yeah fair call. I do think the PS5 is a weaker console but ultimately what developers do with them will determine how good the games look and perform. Multi platform games will be interesting, id assume a much better performance on the xbox X. Sonys exclusives will be gorgeous though

            On paper the PS5 is cheaper to make so there was hope of a $449US price. Though, Im not sad with a $499US

    • this era showed that even with the worlds most powerful console, XBox still couldnt capitalise on their lead, for one major reason (for me) they arent interested in gaming as a primary focus.

      • What lead? They were doomed from the beginning with always online, no game sharing. Don Mattrick all but destroyed Xbox. The One X came out 4 years after the original Xbox One.

  • Thanks for being up early to write us a good summary of the key points! I’m not a brand loyalist but I will be getting a PS5 for their exclusives and will be holding onto my Xbox game pass for my pc which is my primary platform. Xbox game pass providing such seemingly unbeatable value is a master stroke of making games a service (GAAS?) a big focus of their business model from now on which means their profits are going to be far less tied to their core hardware and more about getting people to sign up for game pass, which is also great news for those of us heavily invested into pc hardware. Sony is primarily an appliance focused company and Microsoft is primarily a software and services company so it’s nice to see that latter playing to its strengths for this generation.

  • $749 is a bit steep for me, even if it that is a normal/expected price. I’d have picked one up for $550 if that was the flagship price. Price aside, the issue for me is the backward compatibility. I would want to be able to play our PS4 discs on the PS5 so wouldn’t go for the digital only. Which is why Xbox Series S might be more tempting for me in the short term, because with Xbox I don’t have any old games, so digital only would be ok.

    Of course, it depends on Exclusives too…

  • Oh my days that Final Fantasy 16 reveal. Yoshi P as the Producer, pretty sure I heard some Soken in the soundtrack there too. So excited for this!

  • Woohoo! Just preordered mine at EB Games (thanks Leah). Click and collect so first thing that Thursday morning I’m going in and out and then I’ll be swinging around as Miles Morales. So excited for this next generation of couch gaming!!!

    • Haha, I’ve gone with delivery. This is one hell of a gamble that could bite me in the ass, or could see me getting the shipment early. COVID-19 shipping demand has had couriers upping their game, but November/December is always a shitty time thanks to the increased shipping, sooooo… living dangerously!

          • Thanks!

            I’ve got a couple to choose from maybe 10-15min away, but by November we’re still going to be knee-deep in COVID community transmission (probably going to be even worse, thanks to the Grand Final and people getting bored with restrictions) and my partner’s a high risk, so I’m definitely happier with the risk of getting the console later.

            Still, it’s totally gonna suck if my gamble fails! Will be mad jealous of you. 🙂

  • Hmm, I’m a bit torn. Launch line-ups fairly lacklustre for both. I appreciate the more fuller BC capabilities of the XBSX and Gamepass across PC as well. But then, I know PS5 will have Gran Turismo and so0me other exclusives I’ll probably like … think I might have to wait it out for a bit.

  • I am really surprised… I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I am actually losing interest in buying this at launch. There’s almost no games (really… Fortnite and a rehashed version of DMC5?) – and not only that, I never saw them releasing Miles Morales and Horizon Forbidden West on PS4… and I’m guessing GoW (Lost Legacy) Ragnarok as well? I can’t believe that Sony would go live with pre-orders without showing us anything about how the console is to use, what’s the cost of expansion (no 3rd party SSDs atm) or the cost of other peripherals. This is guerilla marketing… just open for pre-orders and hope that people impulse buy. What do you get with PS5? I am so unhappy that Sony could make me lose interest in their PS5.

  • I pre-ordered at JB.

    > Due to stock demand your pre-order does not guarantee availability on the day of release (or a specific date).

    Which suggests it plays out differently to EB Games’ “we’ll have this many to sell” and it will be a toss-up as to whether you get one at all.

  • Pretty keen, although I’ll probably wait until next year. Not a believer in pre-ordering and I doubt there will be enough stock to be able to just walk in and buy one for a few months after launch.

    PS+ collection looks great, but why is it only for PS5, given that it’s all PS4 games? I assume they’re not enhanced for PS5 other than whatever the console does itself? Just make it available to all PS+ subscribers.

    • Gonna hazard a guess they’re not doing it for existing players in the PSN ecosystem, but to try to keep the nextbox gamepass from being such a slam-dunk easy win and to lure over some undecideds.

      • Yeah, but I mean as long as they’re doing it anyway, why not make it available to PS4 users anyway? A lot of those games have already been on PS+, and the others look well-curated enough that most people probably already have a lot of them, so it’s not like they’d be giving up a whole lot of potential sales.

        It’ll be interesting to see if they add more games to it over time (and if other games rotate out like GamePass). Seems to be muddying the waters with PSNow – surely they’ll have to merge the services together sooner rather than later?

        • Why make it available to PS4 users when you can lure those users into a console upgrade? 😀

          (And yeah, their online strategy doesn’t seem quite as cohesive as gamepass at the moment.)

  • Already sold out in many places.

    What a terrible way to go about things, Sony. I know they want to get the jump on the Xbox with pre-sales but to announce and pre-sale at the same time is a crap thing to do.

  • PHEW! I watched the thing and cos there was no preorder date I went back to bed, couldnt sleep so got up again. Checked EB and did a mad scramble, got an order in and two minutes later they were all sold out.

  • Anyone noticing the game prices!?

    JB and EB both have:
    Demons Souls $124
    Destruction All Stars $124
    Spiderman Miles Morales $94
    Sackboy $109

    We’ve been hearing about price hikes for next gen games, but some of these are nuts.
    I can understand the Spiderman price, but whats up with the others?

      • I just mean if they’re jacking up prices by $10 in the US, then I can understand if it’s $15-20 extra here.
        What I don’t get is the extra $50 or so (compared to a new PS4 game) for Demons Souls and Destruction All Stars

        • From what I can tell the AUD pricing is being derived from the GBP/EUR pricing, which is also substantially higher than the respective USD conversion.
          Anyone know why this would be?

    • I haven’t bought a game on disk for PC or Console since I got a couple of launch titles from the PS4.

      Disks are dead… I’m glad they still offer it for those that don’t have connections or movie buffs, but yeah, that’s not the future.

      XSX should make a full fledged system digital for a similar price to the PS5 one. I might not buy it because my collection of games isn’t on it, but I reckon a truck ton of xbox brothers would!

      • Yeah I can’t remember the last time I put a disc into my PS4 … Witcher 3 I think. And then it just annoyed me that I had to stand up LIKE AN ANIMAL to do it.

      • To me its due to the nature of the beast that is the AAA industry. I still buy disk because at the end of the day at this point its established that you don’t actually own the digital copies of shit that you buy. You’re technically just leasing them. Also more often than not the digital copy ends up being way more expensive than the physical copy which makes approximately zero fucking sense.

        Quite frankly I dread the day physical copies are actually dead and we are entirely at the mercy of an industry with some of the most anti consumer practices on record.

  • Two months to go, aww yeah.
    Is the practical/sole difference between the versions the disc drive? $150 for one component seems like a lot. What am I missing here?

    • Because its guaranteed online store sales, which are FAR more profitable for both MS and Sony. Thats why taking a hit on up front price means little over the lifespan of the console.

  • Mate… And people were making fun of the size of the new Xbox… The PS5 is almost twice the size…

    And let’s be honest.. it is hella ugly…

    But let’s face it… I’ll probably get one because all my friends have it.. and if I want Xbox games… Well… My PC can run Crysis, so I’m ok there

  • I ordered mine through Sony AU, charged the full amount, but still awaiting confirmation.. missed out on JB.

    I wonder the chances of it arriving on launch are…

    So much for notice :/

    • It was a bit shit, I feel like Americans got screwed over more due to the timing. Many went to bed thinking they’d wake up the next day for pre-orders.

      Anyway, I think you’ll be right with the purchase through Sony. They’d have probably the most stock (they stayed up the longest throughout the day). They’ll also be the most likely to have firm dates on next rounds of shipments after launch. EB is just “2021”.

  • Thanks to my bunk sleep cycle I caught the live-stream but went to sleep and missed the rush! Only managed to catch one at Target Australia for full price at around lunch time, and I’ve checked and they’re no longer taking pre-orders.

    Good guys at Microsoft for actually having a date and time, from the pre-hype from EB and such I was expecting a price but there was no info on pre-orders except from the PlayStation blog saying “tomorrow”, which I guess was just for the Americans.

    Hope Target actually pulls through on my order.

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