What Are You Playing Over Christmas?

What Are You Playing Over Christmas?
Image: Flight Simulator
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Christmas is finally around the corner. And even though my home state is currently on the precipice of restrictions once more, there is a bright side: finally, fucking finally, this shitshow of year is coming to an end.

I’m looking forward to having, firstly, a metric ton of rest. It’s been such an exhausting, draining year. It’s my first time actually covering a console generation while working full time, while also balancing new GPU launches. And then the nightmare of COVID spreading the entire year out, adding uncertainty, stress and constant delays.

So there’s been a lot of things that I just haven’t been able to enjoy or get to in the way I would have liked. I’d love to sit down and play the Fallout board game again. Or, if NSW keeps a lid on things, another round of Twilight Imperium. I’d love to do a full Japan flight in Flight Simulator, but the last couple of months have kept me away from my little virtual joy rides. And seeing family and friends over some drinks, without the spectre of more work hanging over my head, will be really nice. (But playing a bit of Diablo Immortal on the side will be pretty neat.)

Basically, as long as I can be permanently camped under an air conditioner for at least the next week or so, I’ll be happy with how Christmas and the New Year pans out. The final crunch for Cyberpunk 2077, honestly, just about broke me.

So, that’s how I’ll be faring. What about you — how are you all going to look after yourselves over the coming break?


  • Managed to snag a PS5 so it’ll be Miles Morales and Demon Souls for me – should see me through the holidays.

    Get some rest Alex! You and Leah have done an amazing job holding the fort.

  • Unlike some folks, I’ll be playing Cyberpunk for fun!
    My partner has taken a dislike to it, which she tries to hide, so when she’s around I’m switching it up. Gotta get back to Valhalla, do some more Animal Crossing projects together and maybe I can convince her to play Haven together, too.
    I only very briefly played with Demon’s Souls before getting lost in Valhalla and I need to give that some time, but there’s some backlog stuff I’m really looking forward to getting into as well.

    God I wish I was retired so I’d have time to play these things during the day instead of replacing sleep.

    • Same here! I’m just shy of 51 hours in and finally finished Act 1 before bed last night (Albeit at 2:40 am). Theres been some games I’ve enjoyed this year, but Cyberpunk is absolutely tops and blowing every other open world RPG I’ve ever played out of the water.

    • Same CP2077 into 2021.
      PC with GTX1080.

      It was over hyped, can see it was tomed down, has the same open world feel including quirky bugs. (Shame its a total disaster on console)… its nowhere near the next-gen open world it sold us, but its one of the best I played despite its flaws and room from reiteration.

      Like the car driving, is better in GTA
      The gun play is better in borderlands 3.
      The cyborg theme and power spending is better in Deus Ex
      The stealth and multipath is better in Dishonoured.
      But its still a great game.

      • How’s the 1080 holding up with CP2077? Still a good card but wondering what you’re able to get out of this fuckery lol

        Great point on the certain elements of all of those games but Cyberpunk has a good mesh of it all which not all of those games were able to do. Deus Ex or GTA are potentially closest but I feel when you look at all of those elements and think about what game brings them together best, it feels like Cyberpunk to me…?

  • Today is my last day at work and then I have three glorious weeks off. I just finished Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate last night, so it’s on to Assassin’s Creed Origins. I’ve also looking forward to playing some Destiny 2 and Godfall on the PS5

    • You’re in for a treat, while Syndicate was a huge improvement over Unity, Origins really injected some much needed life into the series. Odyssey is even better, but I’d probably leave it a little while after Origins as while it improves almost everything on that game, it’s still a tad similar.

  • I’ll be smashing out the 3D All Stars, so pumped to finally replay some great Mario games I never got the chance to finish completely (Sunshine/Galaxy). Alex you and Leah have done a fantastic job this year, and I hope you both have an awesome Christmas and New Year.

  • Christ I need a break. While waiting on a PS5, I’m going to close off a few favourites. Need to grab some last gold crowns for the final Monster Hunter World trophies, I’ll do the recent story updates for Elder Scrolls Online, and get back into AOE Planetfall and its new factions. Plus there’s the final Nioh 2 DLC to do (with higher difficulty level – new play-through and levelled gear!)

  • I’ll be taking my annual jaunt to visit family for Christmas/New Years, and I’ve prepped by picking up Hollow Knight for the Switch. I’ve played it through on PC before, but it’s been a few years, and I’ve been meaning to replay it for a while. Might even bring the DualSense and see if PS5 remote play is playable between two wired connections – a brief test over 4G did not give promising results, but maybe a stable landline will work better…

  • Just got up to Johnny Silverhand in Cyberpunk so I think I’m gonna stay in Night City for the weekend.

    On the other hand, where’s the obligatory “These games are celebrating Christmas” post? Only just noticed Fall Guys was doing some winter themed stuff when my son fired it up yesterday and I wouldn’t mind knowing what else I can get him excited with 😉

    • Division 2 has Christmas drops at the moment. Nothing new though. Got The Sleigher last night.

      AC Valhalla has the Yuletide event.

      Fallout Shelter, never one to miss out on a holiday, is all Christmassy.

      Those are the three I’ve noticed in my travels. Bound to be more.

    • Just up to Johnny and my expectations have been completely subverted in the most pleasant way.

      FFXIV has their winter event going. I think most of the gacha I play are leading up to their Christmas events, although SINo has the usual odd one involving the Nutcracker and Santa.

  • Just continuing my backlog of games. I’m currently playing the Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story remake on the 3DS and I’ve realised it might well be one of the last 3DS games I play for quite some time (until 5-10 years from now when I pull it out of a drawer and replay something out of nostalgia).

  • Cyberpunk 2077 (without Raytracing) – I really Like this game, it is too bad that Raytracing is slow on my 2080. also I don’t really mind the bugs nowadays.

    Assassins Creed Valhalla – Should really start playing some quests instead of mucking around.
    Project Wingman (Conquest) – Finished the Campaign Last Night but I still want more.

    and getting the games from Epic whatever they will be. (the list I saw online is wrong so far)

  • Been replaying Witcher 3 for a while now, I’ve never played the DLC before so looking forward to doing that on this play through. Mainly so I can give Cyberpunk 2077 enough time to get a few patches under its belt.

  • Well the plan was to play Cyberpunk but I finished it. Enjoyed it, love the source material but it feels like a better version of a Ubisoft game.

    So back to Fallout 4 for me with a new character. I need to add to that 5300 hours in it 😀

    Otherwise a bit of Star trek onlines winter event and I need to get back to murdering orcs as my undead mummy playthrough in Warhammer 2. I am surprised at how tough of a fight they are putting up against me. But in the end they can’t possibly win a war attrition against Settra!

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