What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Christmas holidays are a time to reflect, recharge. To look forward to the year ahead with vigour. To make goals. But Christmas holidays are also a time to finally play catch up on a whole bunch of them there vidja games. What have you guys been playing over the break, and what do you plan to play over the weekend?

I've been having a blast — totally playing all the games I want to play instead of the ones I feel like I have to check out or 'be across'. It's moments like those where I remember why I actually love video games.

I've been messing around with all the new Trials Evolution DLC. The latest one in particular has some really spectacular tracks. I've been playing a lot of Nintendo Land with my family, and some New Super Mario Bros. U. I also got round to checking out Hotline Miami. Fantastic game.

So that's been me. I'm not sure what I'll be playing this weekend. Maybe finishing off The Walking Dead?

What are you guys playing this weekend?


    Hey guys and gals!
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        I never knew such a lady could break my heart as readily as thee.
        It's ok, though, because i know you already bought a copy on console :P

      FOR JUST $7.49!!! THAT'S UNDER $7.50!!!

      Prove it...

    I'll be playing more Xenoblade and Tales Of Graces f. And watching Mr. Strange play Spec Ops:The Line.

    Last edited 28/12/12 11:10 am

      Xenoblade... oh the jaggies! You're a better gamer than I

    Maybe finish Far Cry 3, maybe a bit more ZombiU, definitely more removing of grout from tiles.

    I'll probably be doing a combo of study and playing some Walking Dead :)

    Been playing Theatrhythm lately. It's... alright. Bought it as a rhythm game enthusiast, since I've never played an FF game other than a brief borrowing of Crystal Chronicles (sucked). It could have been really good, but there's some design decisions in there that just completely screw everything up.

    Otherwise, still have ZombiU to get through.

    Gonna finish Mario U. Up to the last level this morning. Then Trials, back into Dark Souls, and some newly purchased Borderlands 2 DLC.

    Yay holidays! Oh, it's beautiful and sunny outside? I hadn't noticed.

    I just downloaded the demo of Virtue's Last Reward - so wonderfully odd I might buy it. Also playing some ZombiU, some Spec Ops: The Line (thank you JBHiFi Vouchers for Christmas!) and a little bit more Far Cry 3. I was also planning to push on with the new Professor Layton but a friend of mine has contracted some kind of fish poisoning, or is turning into a fish or something, so I am going to visit her in hospital this morning and loan her my 3DS (as long as she promises not to get it wet with her slimy, fishy hands/fins).

    If I could get Rocksmith to work then I'd dedicate my weekend to making a right big racket with that. But I keep getting a black screen on start up, so that dream is out the door.

    I have about 5 challenges left in Xcom so I'll aim my playing towards those. Then I'll continue the boat race story arc in Far Cry 3.

    Planetside 2
    Wii Sports Resort
    Kid Icarus Uprising

    Jet Set Radio and Dragonborn.

    I really should finish Mass Effect 3 but Santa brought me Xcom (as well as the flu - I know where you live you fat bastard) so I'm playing that instead. Question: am I the only one who refuses to save Perth as a matter of principle?

      Question: am I the only one who refuses to save Perth as a matter of principle?That's the only reason it was included in the game.

    Mass Effect. I just bought the trilogy on PS3. I'd forgotten how good the original is.

    Resident Evil 6!!

    And more Resident Evil 6!!

    Plus some Gravity Rush and Assassins Creed 3.

    I'll be finishing off the Walking Dead. Such an awesome game.

    Far Cry 3. Done an inordinate amount of side stuff considering I'm still on the first island. The story seems like a strangely paced afterthought (much like Dishonored), but it's enjoyable enough.

    Hopefully tonight I can finally experience the wing suit...

    Oh, and I'm packing to move house. Shit... forgot about that :(

    About to delve into ME3 Omega DLC. From what I've read, it's pretty solid.

    Next on my list is Kingdoms of Amalur. Picked it up at JB for $25. Nice.

    I've got the new Skyrim DLC to finish off, the Borderlands 2 second DLC to finish off and I found Rage at Harvey Norman for $5 so I'm going to play that. Still not enough games to keep my mind of Bioshock Infinite though...

    Persona 4 golden. Game is amazing, but I am a little lost with all the things to do.

    The game is massive.

    I got a bit distracted from playing Paper Mario this past couple of weeks due to remembering how fun Theatrhythm is, so I'm going to go back to that. Also I really want to see the other 3 endings of Nier, so I might try and run through at least 1 of them over the weekend.

    Just finished Far Cry 3 and not sure what to do now >.>

    I'll probably be catching up with friends in BL2 at some point. I'm also currently playing through Mugen Souls, though I want to put some time into XCOM and I've also started getting back into Skyrim. In addition, I have Epic Mickey: The Power of Illusion going on as well.

    SPORTS CHAMPIONS 2 (Just Unlocked Gold cup tennis, Nearly died of dehydration while trying to "ski")

    Terraria on PC
    Resident Evil 5 on PS3
    Chronovolt on PS Vita (very nice little puzzler, but what a machine! So horny over my new Vita)

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