What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Man, I have to be honest, I haven't been playing too much recently. Seems like my life has just been super busy with stuff that isn't games. What have I been playing when I can grab a sec? Mainly Dragon Age: Inquisition, which I'm not really sure I like and Mario Kart 8. What are you guys playing this weekend?

It's been strange. I've found myself really going off these big, grand video games like Inquisition. I also recently started Far Cry 4 and was really struggling to motivate myself to play through these big, grand experiences. Nothing to do with the quality of either game. I think these things just tend to go in cycles. Right now I think I want something a little more digestible, something I can play in short bursts. Maybe I'll come back to these big 'uns during the Christmas holidays.

I'm also on the lookout for something to play on either the Vita or the 3DS. Plenty of folks have recommended the new Persona game for the 3DS. I'm feeling like that might be worth a shot. I'm new to the series, but I feel like playing a handheld game for some reason.

What are you guys and girls playing?


    Yakuza 4
    Beyond Two Souls
    & Inquisition multi if anyone would like to invite me along
    PSN - Jimu_Hsien

    Mark, please try Persona 4 Golden on Vita instead. I'm sure Q is great, but it will give the wrong impression

      I'd recommend Etrian Odyssey Untold over Persona Q if you wanted to play that style of game, but if you're playing because it's Persona, then yeah, Golden on Vita would be better.

      I'm enjoying persona q, but i think only because i love the p4 characters. I never played p3, and I'm finding I just don't care about those guys. I'm considering stopping q, grabbing p3p, then coming back to it.

      @markserrels Yeah play P4G first.
      PQ is great but they go straight to the gameplay and assume you already know the characters and what they have been through so far as it is set in the middle of Persona 4's story and Persona 3's story as well.

      Yeah, Persona Q is a Persona & Etrian Odyssey mashup. It's a wizardry-style Dungeon Crawler. If that's what you want to play then it certainly isn't a bad thing, but you won't get the characters or anything. Better to do Persona 4 first.

      Or if you really want a pure oldschool dungeon crawler, just try Etrian Odyssey IV or Shin Megami Tensei IV.

        Oh man, SMT IV is so good & only $25!

    I'm crying about how bad I am in Ultra Street Fighter 4 on steam.
    You know how there are 2 kinds of noobs, there are those who are bad at the game because they have absoloutley no idea what they are doing, and then there are those that know enough about the game that they realise how unskilled they are.
    I'm the latter and its a punch in the face to Me and Makoto. We are currently at 3 wins and 48 losses... I won't give up because she wouldn't either.

    I Highly HIGHLY recommend playing persona 4 golden as the gateway into the series, its a little easier than Persona 3 FES, And shows what the main games are all about. I loved the characters (Naoto <3 my Waifu) I must of dropped over 200 hours into whats really at most a 120hr game. Maybe . Persona Q and the Arena fighting games are more enjoyable after you have played P3 and P4G.

      Man, I know that feeling with USFIV... I was in the same boat for a long time on PS3. Eventually you learn your bread'n'butter combos and see opportunities to punish and that's quite often enough. It's actually a very defensive game.

    Dungeon of the Endless. Really surprised this Frankenstein of a game works. Got to the second last level last night. So close.
    May get the Telltale Game of Thrones game.
    If my nephews drop in, add Lego games to the mix.

    I've been in a bit of a Batman mood lately so have been replaying Arkham Asylum. Might play through the other games next.

    Was hoping to train up a Captain Falcon and Little Mac Amiibo this weekend.

    Don't think it's gonna happen now ;_;

    World of war... ahh you know what im playing it never changes.

    Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed....don't laugh....I'm playing it for the Plot!

    Dragon Age Inquisition, GTAV and some Lego Batman 3.

    Possibly some Runaway and Broken Sword on the PC if my girlfriend wants to hog the TV.

    I'll be heading to Open Day!

    and working on my next review, I hit a good stride this week.

    For games, I don't know, Borderlands, maybe Red Dead Redemption. Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies. Or maybe put some time towards Halo: Reach to get the awful taste of recent 343i news out of my mouth.

    Dragon Age Inquisition. I want to get out of the Hinterlands but I'm playing it on Nightmare and get my backside handed to me almost every single time. So grinding in the Hinterlands. (Not really in the spirit of the game I know)

    No time to play anything this weekend, got our church's Christmas production on.

    Speaking of Christmas production, if anyone is in the Narre Warren over the weekend, we have our Christmas Production on (was that a subtle enough segue?).

    Full details available at http://nwbc.net.au/toms-diner/

    Pesrona 4 Golden and Pokemon. My sister and her fiance brought a house so I'm helping them move in to that. Lots of driving between the storage unit she left here with all her stuff and the middle of nowhere where her new house is. If the other dozen times I've helped her move are any indication there will also be a lot of sitting around waiting.

    Finishing my Far Cry 4 platinum and continuing on with Earthbound!

    Persona Q is great, but I agree with the others here, Persona 4 Golden is the best place to start. It's great for public transport because the game offers enough activities to ensure that you're always achieving something meaningful in the grand scheme of things (social links, progressing through dungeons, taking the aiya big bowl challenge and increasing your social qualities). Plus you can just turn off the vita when you've reached your destination and resume right where you left off when you have spare time again. IT'S GREAT!

    Trying to beat the Dark Below raid on Destiny, hopefully lfg.com gives me some good parties. If that all goes well Far Cry 4 or starting up a second Dragon Age: Inquisition character.

    Still trying to drag my ass through Dragon Age, but it's like having teeth pulled. Compared to Origins (and hell, even DA2), the combat is so boring.

    Dragon Age Inquisition and a Normal Difficulty, super-fun run of The Last Of Us and Left Behind Remastered.

    God I love LOU :-)

      TLoU is almost as fantastic on the tenth run as the first. If you want an amazing perspective on the game, and what it means, watch this video - https://youtube.com/watch?v=sycoOjAT3G4

      Last edited 12/12/14 11:57 am

        Cool! Will watch it when I emerge from work.

        Literally the ONLY part in LOU I dread is the flooded basement of the hotel in Pittsburgh. Man oh man, that keycard/generator/bloater section gives me tremors every time!

        Completed that part last night, so smooth sailing through to the final credits :-)

          I was just tooling around on Casual difficulty the other day, and I discovered that there is no Bloater in that area on that difficulty. It made that scene totally underwhelming.

            That's just not right. The whole section gives me hives, but without the bloater it's just a crap-shoot.

        I'd believe the tenth run is as "fantastic" as the first - i.e. it's a painful slog of boredom dragged out for at least three times longer than it needs to be. I found The Last of Us to suffer from one of the most egregious cases of filler-content this side of an MMORPG, and in no way whatsoever did I feel it lived up to the hype. I don't understand how it could win game of the year because by and large its game mechanics were just downright mediocre. It could have a made a vaguely interesting zombie movie or mini-series, but the story wasn't anywhere engaging enough to justify its runtime.

        I'll be playing Gauntlet, Hand of Fate, Mark of the Ninja... at least when I'm not working towards finishing my Dragon Age mod...

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    The same thing I've been playing every night for the past two weeks: Smash Bros Wii U :D

    Drunken Robot Pornography, because of the name!!

    I'll be playing some Diablo 3 with friends and then some Drakengard 3. I'll probably also be sneaking in some Etrian Odyssey IV and Disgaea 4 in the down times.

    Picking up a GTX970 on the weekend so I'll be playing everything with a benchmark this weekend ;) Also Dragon Age Inquisition and Persona Q on portable.

    I didn't know Persona Q was out so soon, I've never played a Persona game but funnily enough I just finished Persona 4 The Animation last night and got about half way through Persona 4 The Golden Animation. If anything, I'll be playing Pokemon though.

    Rune Factory 4 is on the eShop for AU gamers who didn't know (and care)! Great surprise for me this morning. Plus finally getting Dragon Age Inquisition.

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