Glitchpunk, When GTA 2 Meets Cyberpunk

Glitchpunk, When GTA 2 Meets Cyberpunk
Image: Glitchpunk

Whenever someone says “GTA 2 meets cyberpunk”, large parts of the internet will — and should — take notice.

Point-and-click publishers Daedlic Entertainment announced this week Glitchpunk, a game with the simplest of pitches: a cyberpunk city built atop GTA 2-style action.

Now Glitchpunk isn’t the first love-letter to the top-down GTA games, or even GTA 2 specifically. But given everyone’s appreciation around Cyberpunk 2077 specifically, it’s understandable how there’s a bit of a cyberpunk trend at the moment.

And, hey, I don’t blame them. Glitchpunk‘s world will have 12 gangs across 4 cities, each with their own stories and quests to investigate. There’s a hacking system, as you’d expect, and the player can take control of tons of cars, trucks, bikes, trains, and … tanks?

The game looks a lot better in motion than it does in still screenshots, so give the trailer a look below.

A demo for Glitchpunk will go live on Steam next week as part of Valve’s giant Steam Games Festival. Beyond that, Glitchpunk is aiming for a release sometime this year. It’ll be an early access release, which has worked well for games of this ilk on Steam over the last few years. (Streets of Rogue is a great example, as is the Aussie-made Geneshift.)

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