Metrocide, An Aussie-Made Cyberpunk Game That Blends GTA With Syndicate

I'm really liking this (mini) surge of Australian-made, old-school cyberpunk games. Syndicate spiritual successor Satellite Reign is probably the best-known of the limited bunch, but there's also Lance E. McDonald's Black Annex and now, filling out the list, is Metrocide from Flat Earth Games.

You might remember Mark's 2012 interview with FEG co-founder Leigh Harris, when the studio's iOS title TownCraft was still in development. It seems its moved on to more adult fare, as Metrocide looks like a mix of the original GTA and Bullfrog's seminal isometric bad boy... with the themes (read: blood splats ahoy) to match.

According to the game's website, the player controls a "legendary contract killer" by the name of T. J. Trench. The idea is to eliminate targets for cash using a combination of deadly weapons and sneakiness, while avoiding the ever-present authorities and their flying drones.

Flat Earth is hoping to have the game out for Windows and OS X in the "second half" of the year. If you're into your retro, top-down shooters, this might be one to bookmark.

Metrocide [Official site, via RPS]


    Sorry but after Towns, not touching a single game of this guys.

      From my reading, these guys did Towncraft (a solid but unintuitive crafting/gathering game on ipad), which was very different to Towns (one of the earliest greenlit titles that should have been on early access and wasn't, leading to numerous complaints about it being unfinished, after which point the developers gave up on developing it and are apparently working on a sequel instead).

      Yep, TownCraft and Towns are two very different games (from different developers)!

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