PC Players Will Have To Buy Hitman 2 All Over Again To Unlock Its Levels In Hitman 3 (Update: A Fix Is In The Works)

PC Players Will Have To Buy Hitman 2 All Over Again To Unlock Its Levels In Hitman 3 (Update: A Fix Is In The Works)
Screenshot: IO Interactive
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IO Interactive outlined how levels and progress will be carried over to Hitman 3 from the previous games in a complicated FAQ over on its website today, and it’s a mess for players on PC seemingly thanks to Epic Games Store and Steam not playing nice with each other.

Update: Epic Games Store and IO Interactive have changed course, tweeting today that they are both working toward a solution. “We guarantee that players will not need to repurchase the games,” IO Interactive wrote. “Until we roll that out in the coming weeks, the Hitman 1 GOTY Access Pass will be free to own for all PC players who pre-purchase or purchase Hitman 3 in the first 10 days after release.”

Original story follows.

On console, things are pretty straightforward. Players who already own Hitman 1 and 2 on PS4 or Xbox One will be able to carry their progress over to the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Hitman 3 respectively, as well as redeem both sets of levels as DLC in the new game. But on PC things aren’t so simple.

“We’ve done everything possible to make this process smooth and player-friendly,” IO Interactive wrote in its pre-launch post today. “However, due to various circumstances out of our control, we want to acknowledge that the process is different to our initial plans for PC players.”

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Anyone who buys Hitman 3 within the first 10 days of its launch on the Epic Games Store, where it’s currently a timed-exclusive, will automatically get access to the Hitman 1, which is also available to buy separately on Epic Games Store as DLC. However, Hitman 2, which isn’t currently sold on the Epic Games Store, will need to be purchased again as DLC in order for PC players to access those levels, even if they already have the game on Steam.

“As Hitman 2 is not available on EGS, we have set up an 80% discount for this access pass for the first 14 days after Hitman 3’s launch,” IO Interactive wrote. “It will also grant access to the Hitman 2 expansion access pass.” In other words, the studio will give PC players who have to re-buy Hitman 2 a massive discount to unlock the content in Hitman 3 for the first couple of weeks, though it’s not clear exactly how much they’ll still have to pay.

The Hitman website still advertises access to Hitman 2 within Hitman 3 as being free to all current owners of the game.  (Screenshot: IO Interactive, Fair Use) The Hitman website still advertises access to Hitman 2 within Hitman 3 as being free to all current owners of the game. (Screenshot: IO Interactive, Fair Use)

As you might expect, longtime Hitman players over on the game’s subreddit are upset, in part because IO Interactive itself had previously stated that existing owners would be able to play all their favourite Hitman levels in one single place at no extra cost.

“[W]e are pleased to confirm that PC players will be able to carry over their current progression and unlocks from Hitman 2 on Steam into Hitman 3 on Epic Games Store,” the studio wrote last August. “It will also be possible for PC players to import locations from the previous two games into Hitman 3 on Epic Games Store. We want to make it a seamless process for our PC players to enjoy Hitman 3 on a different PC platform and continue to enjoy the benefits of our World of Assassination.”

Something has obviously changed in the months since, though it’s not exactly clear what. Epic and IO Interactive did not immediately respond to a request for comment. As Hitman 3 will only be an Epic Games Store exclusive for 12 months, one option players have is to simply wait until it eventually comes to Steam. The other is to simply fork up the discounted cost of buying Hitman 2 again. Both of those kind of suck.


  • It’s a bit of a bullshit excuse… The least they could do for pulling the EGS exclusive bit is give people on PC the Hitman 2 content free for the first 2 weeks or such, instead of still trying to make money off it.

    Though given it is an 80% discount as it is, I do wonder if the decision to still charge for it at all was actually Epic’s doing in the first place.

    • My guess is they couldn’t determine (through EGS) who owned H2 on steam. But giving it free to everyone means they lose all sales of the H2 DLC for H3 from people who didn’t already own it.
      This was probably their way to “meet in the middle” but it still sucks balls for PC players.
      I’m guessing the update is Epic deciding to try harder to get it to work after the backlash

  • Sounds like its best to just wait out those 12months anyway. Also there is a hitman VR game which I’m not sure if its meant to be hitman3-vr or not.

    • I believe the VR is Hitman 3… However, I think it’s a Playstation exclusive which to my mind is insult to injury yet again to the PC playerbase.

      • On a positive note though, Sony is basically supporting the mainstream push for VR with this kind of thing.
        Even if it doesn’t turn out to be a timed exclusive, IO and others like them are getting some experience and confidence to approach something they weren’t looking at previously or were reluctant to pursue.

  • I’ll be waiting till next year before I buy it when it’s released on Steam, by then the bugs should be sorted and it will be discounted heavily.

  • When they announced it was an Epic Store exclusive they said this would NOT be an issue.

    They took pre-orders on that fact. That may be a breach.

    They promised that it will be tied to your IOI Account and Hitman 1 and 2 will be available to all previous players and all content will be available on launch.

    The solution could of been an API Web pages to connect existing accounts, or nobel idea… Put Hitman 2 on EGS. They are the worse type of greedy, lazy!

    They also proved all the Steam players who refused to buy it on EGS right… it was going to be a shitshow.

  • i have no skin in the game, dont own the previous games, dont intend to buy the new one… but is there a reason 1 and 3 are on EGS but 2 is absent? like i understood back in the day when mass effect 1 and 2 were on steam but 3 became an origin exclusive (understood, doesnt mean agreed with). but the middle game? does it not seem like the solution is to just put 2 on EGS?

    • They gave away Hitman 1 as a free game when they announced their EGS exclusive deal.

      The PC version of Hitman 2 was built for Steam install, so they were just lazy and did not rebuild a standard PC install that would work for EGS launcher.

  • Yeah, as one of the few who has defended EGS exclusive deals in the past, even I think this is shitty. Guess I’ll be waiting a year to get it :/

  • Epic and steam Have entered the Console War.

    It only sucks because hitman is the only game that also remasters its previous iterations with each release of the new trilogy, which are free for customers that already hold them on that platform.

    Honestly though, console players are used to shit like this, and after being dumped on by the supposed “master race” for years it’s hard to not shrug your shoulders and tell people to just wait a year for the steam release.

    • It also sucks cause for PC, Hitman 2 is exclusive to Steam… you can only get it as a Steam Key.

      So accepting the EGS deal they knew 100% of their PC fan base was on Steam… that this would be an issue. That a contract with Epic Games was more important than their community on smSteam which was again 100% of all purchased copies.

      That connection to previous accounts and purchases was an essential part of their design to roll over content, and still did this knowing they didnt think or plan to resolve this issue.

  • So IOI just posted a lil update via Twitter: https://twitter.com/IOInteractive/status/1350899132966318084

    They’ve basically statedthat if you own one of the previous games, they’ll be guaranteeing that you dont have to repurchase them to access their content if you already own them, you just may have to wait for the coming weeks to get them. I assume the option to purchase H2 and get it day 1 is still there, but its reassuring to know I wont be forced to rebuy H2 on the EGS to get that content, even if it involves a little waiting.

    • Good! But its was still a stupid idea to begin with…

      But they really have to be clear to PC consumers on the game pages and in-game it will be coming… cause people will purchase it not fully aware and may start demanding refunds later (charge backs cost money)

      This is why your suppose to have marketing, public relations and community managers… not to post apologise, but to STOP you posting stupid stuff that you have to apologise and reverse.

  • That’s a huge shame given what they’ve built with the World of Assassination concept. Hopefully they work it out but given that it got this far I have my doubts.

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