Gigabit NBN Just Dropped Below $100 A Month

Gigabit NBN Just Dropped Below $100 A Month
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There’s been some pretty good NBN deals this week already, but MyRepublic’s gigabit NBN deal has just blown them all out of the water.

Typically, gigabit NBN in Australia will cost you over $100 a month. That’s really not a huge surprise. It’s even a good deal compared to a lot of other major Western nations (*cough* America).

But things could always be better. Things could always be cheaper. And MyRepublic have done precisely that with a new NBN 1000 deal that’s $99 a month for the first 6 months, rising to $129/month for the next 6 months.

MyRepublic’s speeds are on par with other providers, too. They’re quoting a typical evening speed of 250Mbps, which is on par with the other NBN 1000 deals you can get at the time of writing. (That doesn’t mean you won’t get more than 250Mbps, of course, but all NBN providers have been very conservative with their NBN 1000 estimates because it’s still a relatively new product.)

The next best offering at the moment is the $119/month deals from Aussie Broadband, and the $119.95/month deal from Superloop. Just like MyRepublic, they’ll rise in price after the first 6 months.

Not too bad. It’s not as nice as the excellent 1Gbps/1Gbps plans available in the grand land of New Zealand, but Australia’s internet is starting to be really quite serviceable. Not as good as it could have been if we’d just stuck with fibre in the first place, but it’s definitely better than some other places.

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  • MyRepublic are scumbags. I figured I’d try them since they were a bit cheaper per month for a comparable plan. I got worse than ADSL1 speeds in the evenings and switched to another provider quickly. Internode and iiNet let me hit near advertised speeds using the same hardware so that wasn’t the issue.

    After cancelling my service, they didn’t cancel my billing and charged me each month for 3 more months. I would call up after every bill and they would promise to stop and refund. They then claimed they never said they would refund the previous months charge, just the latest charge each subsequent month. Then charge me again and repeat.

    I contacted the telephone industry ombudsman and got it sorted within a day.

    What a bunch of muppets.

  • Echoing Darren above, ex MR customer, was involved in them sending out bill collectors en masse to customers because of a fuck up in their billing system (note, not the customers fault or default).

    Stay away no matter how enticing.

  • Hmm maybe I should sign up and they can upgrade my FTTN to something a little more capable. 40Mb is 10 x better than I used to have but 1 tenth of what I actually want

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