Superloop’s NBN 1000 Deal Is Real Good

Superloop’s NBN 1000 Deal Is Real Good
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Now this is how you kick off the month. Sure, it’s not as nice as unlimited 4Gbps/4Gbps, but getting NBN 1000/50 for under $120 is about as good a deal you can get in Australia.

Superloop, who have consistently maintained some of the fastest NBN speeds in Australia for years, also has perhaps the best NBN 1000 deal going around right now.

Provided you’re on a compatible connection, Superloop’s NBN Home Ultrafast — that’s 1000/50 with a guaranteed evening speed of 250Mbps — is now $119.95/month for the first three months. The price will then rise to $139.95/month afterwards, which is $10/month cheaper than what they were last year.

The rest of Superloop’s NBN plans have been dropped as well: Their NBN 250 plan (with minimum 215Mbps evening speeds) is down to $99.95/month for the first 6 months, and the regular NBN 100/40 plan is doing a $88.95/month deal as well.

As with the case with all NBN providers, these deals are only available to new NBN signups, not existing Superloop customers. (That’s why it’s always good to change your NBN provider every half-year or so, if only because you’ll consistently get better deals by doing so.)

Superloop’s NBN 1000 plan does have a catch: it’s capped at 3TB of data. That should be enough for plenty, but if you do go over by redownloading Call of Duty updates 24/7, or you’re that unit who downloaded almost 27 terabytes in a month, then Superloop will cap you to regular NBN 100 speeds “at no charge”.

So that’s not too bad, given how Australian ISPs usually manage things.

The next best NBN Ultrafast offering at the moment comes from Kogan, who will do unlimited data for $134.90/month for the first six months, then $148.90/month thereafter. Aussie Broadband are doing a flat $149/month for their offering, and iiNet’s plan is currently available for $144.99/month, rising to $154.99/month after the first year.

Superloop’s offering, obviously, is pretty hard to beat here. The amount you save over the six months is basically tantamount to a free month of internet — or a new PS5/PC game/peripheral/something to use all that juicy NBN 1000 speeds on.


  • Now if only my NBN connection wasn’t over rotted copper that gives me a maximum possible connection speed of 130mbps.

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