Aussie Comedian Blasts The Living Fuck Out Of Twitch Troll

Aussie Comedian Blasts The Living Fuck Out Of Twitch Troll

There are few things better than seeing dickheads get roasted into oblivion, and there are few people who can do it as well as Australians.

Jordan Raskopoulos, a member of the Axis of Awesome and comedy work in Australia, has been building up a Twitch stream for a while. And as you’d expect, you can’t Twitch stream without some fuckwit on the internet trying to ruin proceedings.

It was the typical kind of queer-hating abuse that you commonly see in Twitch chat, but the tables turned very quickly. Raskopoulos, after all, is a comedian and knows how to deal with hecklers. And the power of Twitch and digital platforms means you can get not just called out, but well and truly roasted into oblivion.

If you’re not able to play the above clip with sound — and honestly, you really, really should — here’s what was said.

“Wow this lesbian’s not attractive at all! I beg to differ. And in fact, you’re a Big Man! So who gives a fuck what you think about how attractive a lesbian is? We’re not lesbians for the lesbians of Big Men, we’re lesbians for other lesbians,” Raskopoulos said, all backed by the sound of a pumping sports-like soundtrack.

“Here’s the thing, BIG MAN. There’s a fucking queue out of this door who are just fucking fanging to fingerblast this here frankenpussy. So I think it’s best you leave this place, foul creature, and go fuck yourself. Because nobody else will.”


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