Undertale Makes Its Xbox Debut Via Game Pass Tomorrow

Undertale Makes Its Xbox Debut Via Game Pass Tomorrow
Seeing Undertale on a new console fills me with determination. (Screenshot: Toby Fox)

Undertale, the quirky 2015 role-playing game from indie dev Toby Fox, finally heads to Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S tomorrow, and it will be free for everyone with an active Game Pass subscription on console.

After debuting on PC several years ago, Undertale was ported to several additional platforms, including PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Nintendo Switch. Its arrival on Xbox is a long time coming, but there’s never a bad time to check out this unique adventure.

While Undertale may look like any other RPG on its surface, it eschews several of the genre’s most persistent tropes. It’s possible to traverse the entirety of the game without killing a single enemy, which (in my mind) provides a richer, more fulfilling exploration of its world and characters. Of course, you can also rush through Undertale as a homicidal maniac, but I’d recommend trying the pacifist option first.

Much like its Microsoft Store counterpart, Undertale for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S will cost $20 without Game Pass.

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