The PlayStation Network Is Down (Update: It’s Back!)

The PlayStation Network Is Down (Update: It’s Back!)
Image: Sony

Bad news to anyone who had hump day off and was hoping to get in a ton of PS4 or PS5 gaming, because the PlayStation Network (PSN) is down again.

It’s definitely frustrating timing for anyone who was hoping to play Genshin Impact, with the PS5 native version of the game literally launching half an hour ago. Naturally, the network being down causes a huge amount of frustration for users, because all digital licenses needed to be verified … via PSN, which nobody can access.

The official Sony service page notes that all services are struggling right now, although some international users are reporting that smaller regions (like Finland) are starting to see their servers come back online.

Update 8:42 AM: You love to see it — the PlayStation Network is back.

Love an outage that doesn’t hang around for too long.

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