What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?
Image: Returnal

Since I’m allowed to talk about what I’m playing this weekend, I have no qualms saying I’m happily looking forward to finding out what the fuck is going on in that house.

Returnal, Housemarque’s creepy Metroidvania/roguelike/bullet-hell/Risk of Rain-esque shooter, is currently doing the heavy lifting for my TV right now. It’s like that early moment of Slay the Spire runs where you’re still unlocking the powers, cards and working out each of the rooms and what the best risk/reward options. I’m doing that with Returnal, although I’ll have to restart from scratch since the embargo details mean you have to start from a fresh save if you’re going to stream the game. (More on that later.)

Beyond that, I’ll just be looking forward to a nice warm weekend inside. My partner and I visited Tasmania recently for a holiday, and it’s always good to take care of things at home for a while after having a little splurge. Besides, it’s starting to get super cold. So rugging up with a hoodie, a homemade flat white (or a giant pot of tea), a nice scented candle and a fuzzy blanket just sounds divine.

What about yourselves? What are you playing this weekend?


  • What am I ever playing?

    More Yakuza 3! I guess I really put how janky the game is out of my mind back when I was playing it on the PS3. I’ve pretty much done everything that I can do in Ryukyu in Chapter 4, so its time to let the night pass… and start taking Haruka everywhere again!

    Hopefully find some time for SAO:AL. Played a bit more of the story, during which Alice was insufferingly stone headed, and everyone respected her decision to be stone headed. Except me. Because it would have cut down on the running around if she just did what I thought was the right thing but she had issues with. Still good writing besides that!

    The usual Gacha, with the addition of Disgaea RPG… and hopefully find time to watch some AoT and go see Mortal Kombat!

  • MS Saga New Dawn and Road Trip Adventure

    I managed to setup games over the network with a PS2 slim, so I’m finishing all the games I left behind in 2002-2005

  • I would love to be playing Returnal because it looks bloody awesome but I still cannot get my hands on a PS5 grrrr. What I will be doing is co-oping some old school Halo: CE with a mate and maybe going back to Fennix Rising or whatever it’s called.

    • Yeah, I was behind someone in the checkout at a chemist, and he was telling the girl he was with about how he’d just bought two PS5s. One ot keep, and one to sell on eBay for twice what he bought it.

      The scalping is still real.

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