The Nintendo Switch Pro Was Very Briefly Listed On Amazon Mexico

The Nintendo Switch Pro Was Very Briefly Listed On Amazon Mexico

After days of speculation that the highly anticipated Nintendo Switch Pro could be dropping at any moment, a listing for the rumoured device has been briefly spotted on Amazon. This is not a drill, you’re allowed to freak out now.

Eagled-eyed Twitter user @alphabeat_g spotted the device listing on Amazon Mexico over the weekend.

According to Video Games Chronicle, the product name was quickly changed on the listing following the tweet. At the time of publishing, the listing has been removed from Amazon Mexico altogether.

The listing could’ve been a mistake, or even just a placeholder ahead of some sort of announcement (hopefully) coming soon. However, it’s worth noting that Amazon Mexico is also the site that leaked the Spyro Reignited Trilogy for PS4 ahead of its official announcement, so it’s not entirely out of the realm of possibilities that this is a real listing.

Considering the listing comes just days after Bloomberg reported the new console would be announced ahead of E3 (which is just weeks away at this point), there’s every chance this could be a legitimate listing.

According to Bloomberg, the console will retail for more than the $US299 the original console is valued at, and should be released in September or October.

Interestingly, Bloomberg also asserted that the global chip shortage that has wreaked havoc on the tech industry as a whole will not impact the release.

“Suppliers are confident they can fulfil Nintendo’s orders despite the ongoing chip shortages,” Bloomberg reported.

“Its production lines are better prepared for the potential component shake-up and the parts Nintendo is using are subject to less competition than those in its rivals’ more powerful consoles.”

Obviously, we have to take it with a boulder-sized grain of salt at the moment because there’s every chance this is some sort of error and not proof of a Switch Pro console coming soon. But where’s the fun in that? It’s a Monday, if speculating about the rumoured Nintendo Switch Pro is going to spark joy for you, speculate away, my friends.

Will we get a Switch Pro announcement this week? I don’t know. But will I spend every waking second thinking about it until Nintendo finally gives it to us? Absolutely.

Kotaku Australia has reached out to Nintendo for comment.

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