Here’s More Proof That The Nintendo Switch Pro Is Coming

Here’s More Proof That The Nintendo Switch Pro Is Coming
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The Nintendo Switch Pro is perhaps the worst kept secret in the entire gaming industry at this point, but Nintendo still won’t officially announce the damn thing.

But thanks to OLED firm Universal Display Corp, it looks like we’ve got confirmation that the Nintendo Switch Pro (or at least a new Nintendo Switch of some sort) will be coming soon.

Spawn Wave first spotted the leak on Twitter when Universal Display Corp CEO Steven V. Abramson mentioned the Switch Pro during an investor call.

“Interesting to see Universal Display Corp mention the reports around Nintendo choosing OLED for their Switch Pro:

“Nintendo has selected an OLED screen for the new Switch Pro due to OLED benefits of higher contrast and faster response times,” Abramson is quoted as saying, boasting that Nintendo had opted for OLED technology in the Switch Pro screen.

This seemingly confirms an earlier leak that the Nintendo Switch Pro would feature a 7-inch Samsung Display OLED screen, an improvement on the current 6.2-inch LCD screen.

“Samsung Display announced that it will aggressively expand its OLED presence in the gaming, smartphone and laptop markets,” Abramson added.

Although the investors call seemingly confirms the plans for a new Nintendo Switch, it’s worth noting that Nintendo is yet to officially confirm anything.

Earlier this month, Nintendo confirmed in an investor results meeting that it is still “mid-way through Switch cycle” but is already investing in the next platform.

“Although mid-way through the Switch cycle, it is necessary to invest in the next platform, where hardware and software integration will continue,” David Gibson transcribed from the call.

However, it could be some time before we get any real confirmation of the Switch Pro, and likely even longer before we’re given a release date considering the gaming giant is still enjoying the success of the original console.

With the highly-anticipated E3 just weeks away, we can only hope that Nintendo will give us some sort of announcement and/or timeframe to look forward to but at this stage, it could be years before we’re upgrading.


  • Nice to hear about the OLED screen. Should be much easier on the eyes, which alone is a big reason to upgrade.

  • Let’s recognise a “Pro” is a specific concept – a beefed up version for elite gamers selling at a premium price next to the base model. I can’t see this ever happening, as it’s not something Nintendo have ever done, and it was only the last XB/PS gen that we saw anyone do it – mostly due to 4K and HDR emerge so early in the cycle. Nintendo update and replace old models, like New 3DS was to 3DS, and this OLED rumour doesn’t prove a premium priced “Pro” version is coming. So let’s anticipate it’s the usual upgrade (a nice, juicy one) and the old model gets discounted off the shelves. Remember, the last major such “Pro” rumour? It proved to be the red box Switch – a replacement.

    • Nintendo has had a lot more pressure from their investors and board to produce more hardware, the Switch replaced their portable console market that had model updates every 2-3 years since the Gameboy Pocket in 1996 which fueled their share value rise while their home console market was still a rollercoaster of good and bad releases.

      They need to do this especially since they are “one system” developer now. They also have an more mature audience that can afford more refined hardware, while also keeping their low-cost hardware viable for their family friendly branding.

      • There’s no doubt about the need and desire for a hardware upgrade; the question is the form. Everyone keeps talking a “Pro” concept; I’m saying it’s actually more like the GB Color you cite – replacing a tired model. If they want a mass uptake of the new model, then it needs to replacement type selling at the same RRP as the old model, not something $150 or $200 more to appeal to a niche of hardcore gamers.

      • Read the comment again. A “Pro” is a premium priced beefed up model selling NEXT to a base model. Nintendo don’t do this, nor did PS and XB until last gen (a unique circumstance). What Nintendo constantly do is upgrade their hardware to REPLACE the old model. Sometimes they do a discount model or other variation, like 2DS, GB Color or even Switch Lite. There was already one upgrade with the red box Switch and no doubt these latest “Pro” rumours are a new upgrade. It will sell for the same RRP (not $200 more like a Pro would) while the old model is discontinued and discounted to clear stock.

        • Game boy Colour, GBA SP, DSi, New 3DS. All upgrades, all sold alongside the base model. Not really up with Nintendo stuff are ya chief?

          • You forgot the 2DS selling alongside the 3DS (both also available in XL and “new” models) and the Wii U launching at multiple tiers (8gb & 32gb).

          • None of those are “Pro” editions as “Pro” is understood in modern gaming. All of those were replacements for older models. Not an option alongside.

            Remove the fanboy blinders.

    • None of the articles have suggested that Nintendo would produce multiple parallel versions. The “Pro” designation just seems to be a place holder for “a more powerful version of the Switch” until we have more information about what Nintendo will call it. There’s no obvious pattern to what Nintendo calls these incremental upgrade consoles, so it seems as good a placeholder name as anything else.

      I don’t think there is a consensus on your definition of “pro”.

  • After the success of the Switch their is also a risk of competitors jumping into their unique sphere.

    Dell and Razer have PC version concept.
    Xbox Cloud gaming may promote an opportunity for a portable game unit too.

    And today, there is a fresh rumours that Apple may try to create a portable gaming console and spend more to get more games into their ecosystem.

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