Here’s The Official Elden Ring Trailer

Here’s The Official Elden Ring Trailer
Image: Elden Ring

It’s finally here, and not only that, Elden Ring is launching way sooner than you thought.

Announced at the end of the Summer Games Fest, Elden Ring will be officially launching on last gen and next gen consoles, plus PC, on January 21. 

The official trailer doesn’t mess around. There’s world building. There’s some in-engine battling (without the HUD). What looks like a horse running up a mountain. Otherworldly demons. A massive dragon you have to fight that also gets the benefit of lightning, because this is a From Software game. Huge netherworld themes and creatures that look like they’d happily belong in Demon’s Souls.

Genuinely, the whole trailer looks spectacular.

In case you’re wondering: it’s 224 days between now and January 21. They’ll fly by faster than you think.


  • Another one of those gameplay trailers that barely has any real tangle gameplay in it. Beyond some cool creature designs it was yet another generic hero wielding predictable weapons. I’m looking forward to the game but this made me just think of all those early Godfall videos, just with a From Software touch. Im sure the game will be nothing like that, the trailer just left me feeling… ‘and?’

    • I mean the gameplay will probably be mostly Dark Soulish with slightly more actiony feel to it. Not sure it really needed any actual game play. I know I’ll be a day one’er!

    • Interesting. Given it’s so clearly From Soft, which you don’t seem to object to, not sure what else you were expecting or hoping to see?

      • Something that didn’t look like Dark Souls 4. If they’re bothering to hire another writer like GRR Martin, I’d like to see where the story budget went in their trailer instead of a generic fill in name for every single other MacGuffin seeking protagonist they’ve had. Why even bother giving it a different name at this point?

          • Except it’s not. The story in every single one of these games is ultimately an undead/hunter/whatever finding an object, mincing their way through bosses, then delivering the object to a location. There is absolutely nothing to suggest to that Martin even contributed to the project from the trailer we were just shown since the Elden Ring is another thing to be sought and presumably delivered elsewhere like every single other game they’ve made (apart from Sekkiro). I fail to see the point of even hiring the guy and mentioning him in the trailer when there’s no sign he added anything to the project.

      • *shrugs* I just felt so generic, I dont know, I guess I was just expecting something that showed why it was unique from their other things. That said, I have never bought and love a From game based on their marketing stuff.

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