Xbox Series X Loses One Of Its Few Exclusives To The PS5

Xbox Series X Loses One Of Its Few Exclusives To The PS5

The Medium is one of the few Xbox Series X/S console exclusive games. But not for long. Developers Bloober Team and Sony have announced that The Medium will become a multiplatform next-gen game when it launches on PS5 on September 3.

The Xbox Series X/S currently doesn’t have a lot of console exclusive games. Most stuff on the machine is currently available on PS5, PS4, and Xbox One. The Medium was an odd exception. The psychological horror game was released in January of this year and was one of the only next-gen Xbox exclusives available at the time. But a new trailer confirms that the game’s exclusivity was a limited-time deal. Soon PS5 players will be able to enjoy this spooky game.

The PS5 port of The Medium will offer full DualSense controller support, though no specific details on what that means.

The Medium stars a woman who is able to travel between two worlds: Our world and the land of the dead. These two worlds overlap in real time, and she can exist in both worlds simultaneously during some sections of the game. This allows her to solve puzzles in one world to unlock doors in the other. It’s impressive to see in action, and the technology behind it was one of the main reasons the game was only available on the next-gen Xbox consoles. (It was also available on PC, too.)

I reviewed the game for Kotaku earlier this year. While I enjoyed the gameplay of the two worlds and some of the other horror elements featured in The Medium, I was also disappointed by its slow pace and how it failed to scare me most of the time. It also featured a storyline that didn’t come together towards the end and contained some questionable and sensitive content that wasn’t handled with the care I felt such topics deserved.


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