Final Fantasy XIV Is So Popular Even The Digital Version Sold Out

Final Fantasy XIV Is So Popular Even The Digital Version Sold Out
Screenshot: Square Enix

Final Fantasy XIV, the popular MMO about trying to find an apartment in San Francisco, is flying off shelves — digitally. Right now, when you pop onto the Square Enix store, you’ll likely run into a roadblock trying to buy a download code for the game.

Overnight, players on Reddit and the gaming forum ResetEra noticed that Final Fantasy XIV Complete Edition — a bundle that includes the base game alongside its expansions — wasn’t purchasable on the proprietary store of its publisher. Indeed, right now, you can’t buy a PC or PlayStation 4 download code for the game on Square Enix’s site; trying to do so lists a “waiting list” button in place of the typical “add to cart” option. (You can currently buy Final Fantasy XIV Complete Edition without issue for Mac. You can also add it to your cart on Steam and the PlayStation Store.)

Screenshot: Square Enix / Kotaku Screenshot: Square Enix / Kotaku

It’s odd, right? You’d think that a game would only run out of stock due to physical limitations — discs, packaging, and other products contingent on ever-dwindling raw materials. Code, after all, is infinite. So these limitations presumably have something to do with player capacity, as a sudden influx of players wouldn’t exactly be great on servers. (Representatives for Square Enix did not immediately respond to a request for comment.)

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Final Fantasy XIV, though generally popular, is currently experiencing a rush of players. Earlier this month, the website PCGamesN noted that FFXIV broke its all-time record for concurrent players on Steam. Currently, more than 22 million accounts are registered with the game, according to Square Enix figures. It makes sense that the company would want to artificially throttle a new player base — at least a bit.

But Square clearly doesn’t want to limit players too much. In a press release this morning, Square Enix announced “the longest free login campaign” ahead of the Endwalker expansion, offering to lift the subscription fee for 14 days for returning players. That offer ends August 23.


  • I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the game via the free trial. Downloaded it a couple of weeks ago and it’s far superior to WoW in a lot of aspects. Blizzard has been complacent with WoW for too long and its coming back to bite them. For too long they have shovelled shit into peoples faces and not cared about player feedback.

    • I never got into wow, which i found out later was a good thing. It makes me motion sick =P
      I’ve been playing FF14 for about 2-3 years now. Still finding new things to do. I’ll never finish this bloody game

    • yeah because player feedback on their official forums and reddit is thoroughly coherent and reasonable… oh wait.

      • You’re obviously reading the wrong posts you shill. Community members give incredibly detailed feedback and point out things that will go wrong 18 months before Blizzard acknowledges them.

        But yeah. This is definitely a feedback issue. Fuckwit.

      • OSRS Devs manage it quite easily. If the WoW devs can’t do it then they are incompetent.

        You do also realize feedback exists outside of Reddit and the official forums right?

  • Well, I mean, Asmagold is playing it now. And then you had a Bliz employee endorse someone saying Asmogold should be banned from FF14 before the guy had really done anything. So you have a mix of Asmogold fans, and people who are going ‘fuck you’ to
    Blizz, along with some people probs trying to get Asmogold banned from the game, so who the hell knows.

  • Funny, it may be popular, but I bought the game on original release and it’s original state was terrible. Played again on the refresh for a bit and bought the first exp and almost imidiately after that decided never to support it again. Due to the single character per account/ ingame storage limitations and general lack of useful servers (to much lag), just not worth the time. While I’ve been more or less subed to Wow since it’s original release, and it has issues it’s still more enjoyable then FFXIV.

    • I can’t speak for 1.0, but from ARR onwards, FFXIV has never had a single-character-per-account limit (I think there’s a total limit of like 50 characters, just like WoW has).

    • Not sure where you get your info from but single character per account is straight out False. Just the base sub gives you multiple character slots. I’ve got three characters on the one server without spending an extra dollar, and could create more. Storage is pretty much a universal issue across all MMOs but there are ways to expand beyond the base amount, and if you’re not a hoarder like I am you should be okay with the four inventory pages, and the free storage NPCs you get.

      If you’re in Australia you should be playing on the japanese servers, which are pretty much lag free. Theres multiple Aussie and Kiwi FC that you can easily find that recruit online. They’re opening Oceania servers next year but the current state really is good enough.

    • while 1.0 was indeed terrible and pretty restrictive, 2.0 is perfectly fine. yes there’s a bit of grind but I think it’s no worse then any other mmos (especially WoW). that said at the end of the day FFXIV is a story driven mmo, if you’re not in it for the story than your enjoyment will probably be non-existent

      as for servers… you should be playing on JP servers. While I realise WoW has spoiled ANZ players with actual oceanic servers, the latency to JP servers really isn’t that bad

  • I’m re-downloading it now. Haven’t played since Realm Reborn was released on PS4, and I’ve never seen any of the expansion content. I hope it’s moved on a lot since the last time I played!

    • Just want to say that if you still have ARR campaign to finish up you do have a slog ahead of you, but stick with it the story gets REALLY good once you hit Heavensward.

    • hmm if you’re on PS4, I think your hands are tied… if you’re on PC and never bought any of the expansions…. I would honestly suggest you play the game on trial with a new account

      purely because the free trial is the base game + first expansion which is a huge mileage to gauge interest.

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