League Of Legends Player Arrested By Off-Duty Cop In Internet Café

League Of Legends Player Arrested By Off-Duty Cop In Internet Café

Last week in the Chinese city of Chongqing a high-ranking League of Legends player was publicly introduced over an internet cafe’s speakers. Among the people wandering past his screen to check him out was an off-duty policeman, who…thought the player looked a lot like a suspect.

As this story on Baijiahao reports, rookie cop Zhang Yihao was at an internet cafe last week with some colleagues when he had to take a bathroom break. On his way back, the café announced the challenger’s presence — something that’s pretty common in China — and so he shot the ranked player a look.

Quickly realising the player matched the description of a case Yihao had been aware of a few days earlier, he took a photo, checked the man’s appearance, confirmed it was the suspect then informed some on-duty cops, who quickly joined up with Yihao and his friends to arrest the player.

I realise that is a very strange sequence of words to read together all at once, so here’s footage of the whole thing going down, from the initial spot to the photos to the arrest:


  • because its china and how things have been going the last couple of years over there with regards to press freedoms and such, is there any info on what the crime the player is suspected of committing is?

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