Mod Designed To Make Skyrim Unplayable Banned For Same Reason

Mod Designed To Make Skyrim Unplayable Banned For Same Reason
Image: Bethesda

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a popular game that millions of people are still playing a decade after it was first released. And thanks to mods and user-created content, some have dedicated years of their lives to playing this game. Bethesda’s insistence on re-releasing the iconic RPG likely isn’t helping anyone escape Skyrim’s vice grip, either. So one modder created a way out for those unable to stop playing. The mod, NoSkyrim, makes the Bethesda RPG unplayable once installed.

Made by ThatLittleCommie, that’s literally all the admittedly silly mod does. It doesn’t add extra characters, new weapons, or copyright infringing content like lightsabers or Thomas the Tank Engine. You install it and after that, you can no longer play Skyrim. It just crashes instead. Here’s how the mod’s creator describes the mod.

“Did you ever feel like the game which you spent your hard-earned money on, should be removed and be unplayable, well so did I. Now with NoSkyrim, instead of being able to start a new game like most Skyrim players, you just can’t.”

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The mod was originally uploaded to popular modding site Nexus Mods. But it has since been removed for unclear — but probably easy to guess — reasons. I’d bet a mod that simply breaks Skyrim and makes it impossible to play isn’t something the folks running the site want on their mod depository. Kotaku has reached out to Nexus Mods about the removal and if NoSkyrim will ever return.

Currently, if you want to download this silly mod you can find it over at, which is a uh… more adult modding site. It seems the folks at LoversLab don’t care if a Skyrim mod breaks the game and renders it unplayable.

As spotted by PCGamer, the mod currently has a petition that folks can sign to support it being readded to Nexus Mods. As of this writing, it has nearly 350 signatures. Meanwhile, a subreddit dedicated to the mod and its return to the Nexus site has also popped up. It has just over 260 members. The top post is a smiling image of Todd Howard, Bethesda’s director, and executive producer. Other posts include people lamenting the mod’s removal as it was the only thing keeping them from playing the decade-old open-world RPG. (These posts are jokes, if you hadn’t figured it out yet.)

For now, it seems NoSkyrim will not return to Nexus Mods. It’s a sad day for folks unable to uninstall a video game or who have no self-control. Meanwhile, Bethesda is still announcing ports of Skyrim in 2021. I wonder if the latest port will work (or cease to work) with the NoSkyrim mod?

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