Queensland’s Latest Game Is All About Being A Cute Spider

Queensland’s Latest Game Is All About Being A Cute Spider
Image: Sbug Games

Australia’s producing all sorts of cute and quirky games. Queensland’s latest contribution to the cause: a cute spider who makes friends with other animals.

Due out September 9 on Steam, it’s called Webbed. You’re a tiny spider on a journey to save your boyfriend from a bigger, shitty bowerbird. You can make friends with the other animals, but the real hook here is using the spider’s web for platforming. Not only can you hook and swing to walls and objects like Insomniac’s Spider-Man, but you can connect the web between objects to create walkable surfaces. You can then connect another thread to that object, opening up all sorts of possibilities.

The pixel art motion is really clean. Webbed does about as good a job as any game I’ve seen when it comes to making spiders cute, instead of creepy and freakish. Swinging around is also miles more fun than regular platforming, too.

Webbed launches on September 9, and while it’s only on PC for now it will be available through Steam, GOG and the Humble Store.


    • I hope there’s a level where you try to find love / avoid being eaten by waving your hands in the air

  • This looks fun, and accommodating to multiple play styles.
    I mean you can swing around like you have an awesome grappling hook, or you can take your time and build bridges if landing swings is too tricky.
    Plus it looks like there’s a bunch of other cool stuff too. I skipped around in that video and saw parachuting, shooting webs like a laser gun, a brewing war between ant tribes and skateboarding (complete with tricks)

  • Played the demo on one of those Steam demo events. The web swinging controls were great and responsive, and it had some good story and puzzle/environment challenges.

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