Baby’s First Switch: I Need Your Webbed Tips So I Can Save My Imaginary Spider Boyfriend

Baby’s First Switch: I Need Your Webbed Tips So I Can Save My Imaginary Spider Boyfriend

Hello, hello, hello, welcome back to another instalment of Baby’s First Switch! As you would (hopefully) know by now, I am selecting different games to play on my Nintendo Switch each month which includes me asking all of you for advice. This month’s game I need your beginner’s tips for is none other than the Aussie-made indie gem Webbed.

Thanks to GamerJoker and Kotaku Australia’s Ruby for recommending this one. Ruby’s actually already written about Webbed, so go check that out. There are spoilers in her article though, so be warned.

Please give me your Webbed tips and tricks. Image: Webbed

The thing that I’m most looking forward to about playing Webbed is that I get the chance to play a game that was developed and published by Sbug Games, a Brisbane-based studio.

We absolutely love to see local Aussie games get the recognition they deserve.

Webbed is the story of a happy little spider who is on an adventure to save her spider boyfriend from the big bad bowerbird.

It must be said that I am a hopeless romantic so this game feels like it was made for me. I now truly believe that it was my destiny to save my spider boyfriend from the perilous clutch of a bowerbird.

Webbed Tips
The nasty Bowerbird that stole my hot spider bf. Image: Webbed/Steam.

What Webbed tips I need from you

All of them. I need all of your Webbed tips.

I have yet to buy Webbed so I don’t actually know what I need help with. But that just means I need more Webbed tips and tricks from all of you to help guide me along my journey and tell me what I need to watch out for.

I’ve looked around the interwebs (get it?) to see what parts of the game people needed help with. Most of it has to do with how you can master the art of spinning your web.

What I really want to know is if there is anything I should know about taking down the bowerbird. Does it have any weaknesses? I must save my boyfriend.

I read that you can make friends with bugs (and dance with them!!) which is the best thing ever. Are there any bugs I should make particular note of to help me along my journey?

How do I spin fun webs like this? Image: Webbed

Overall, I’m very excited to start playing Webbed so I’d greatly appreciate any tips and tricks you can give little ol’ me.

My last switch game was Pokémon Brilliant Diamondso check that out if you need any beginner tips for that.

I would also love to hear how you found Webbed and what your favourite moments from it were.

If you want to give me some other gaming suggestions or tips, give me a shout on Twitter (@kystewart_) or chuck us an email.

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