Here’s About An Hour Of Far Cry 6 Gameplay

Here’s About An Hour Of Far Cry 6 Gameplay
Image: Ubisoft

A whole ton of previews have started to drop for Far Cry 6, and as is customary, that means there’s new Far Cry 6 footage to play with.

The biggest chunk of gameplay is straight from the Ubisoft channel below, and it’s recorded from the Xbox Series X. The footage includes your introduction to Chicharron, the angry rooster that runs around pecking people in the junk, trashing cars, and laying waste to a government monument. “Chicharron wants all these fuckers dead,” Far Cry 6‘s objective prompt reads at the time.

Right, then. There’s footage of the little dog, Chorizo, who you can pet unlike Chicharron. You can customise the shirt for Guapo, your pet crocodile, and a mission that involves firing a CD launcher at enemies. On more concrete details, the minimap is back — although you can customise the HUD to remove that, and other HUD objects like health bars.

So, in short: Far Cry 6 is very much a very good looking Far Cry game. But there’s also some red flags not revealed in the gameplay trailer above. One of the missions with Chicharron involves going after a bunch of attack dogs owned by the government, according to a preview over at Ars Technica. There’s no option in this one: you have to help, or at least support, Chicharron to kill all the attack dogs to complete the mission.

Enemies also seem vulnerable to different types of ammunition this time around, presumably to encourage players to swap or equip a more diverse set of weapons. Character progression is now pretty much linked to your weapons and gear, although you do have a guerilla rank that increases, which unlocks new gear (rather than unlocking new perks by spending skill points as you level up).

We’ll know how well all of this works in concert on October 7, when Far Cry 6 hits the PC, PS4, Xbox, PS5, and Xbox Series S/X consoles.


      • Given the amount of dogs stabbed to death during 3D Wolfenstein its quite possible that I’m desensitized to offing the vicious beasts.

        That and the many tales of dogs attacking children and old people.

        Its not like you’re attacking someone’s chihuahua. Although if you could use the action button to punt it, that would be hilarious. Had a friend who had a cat and the chihuahua. The cat would punt the chihuahua when it annoyed him.

        • even in the the previous games we have killed heaps of attack dogs and we killed a large amount in the wolfenstein games by machine game and there was no outcry there.

          in regards to that Ars technica article however, the only complaints that actually have any relevance are standout game stopping bugs. Every Far Cry game except for the first has had a very shitty heart of darkness story and they all feature a predictible twist where suprise susprise you are the real badguy and are helping people who are worse than the actual badguy because your morals are wrong.

          I just find weird that everyone seems to expect the Far Cry (well ubisoft games in general) to reinvent the wheel every single time yet they are happy for CoD, LoL, Fromsoft games, Battlefied to stay the same year after year

  • Yep, Agree, not seeing anything particularly new, to me the world looks much less enticing compared with 1 through 5.

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