The Story Of Crow 64, A Game That Did Not Exist

The Story Of Crow 64, A Game That Did Not Exist
Screenshot: Adam Butcher

Filmmaker Adam Butcher has uploaded a video to YouTube detailing the history of Catastrophe Crow, a forgotten Nintendo 64 game whose mysterious creator went missing before the game was completed.

A few simple Google searches will reveal that the game and its developer are fake, of course, but that doesn’t keep “What Happened to Crow 64?” from being worth a watch.

While the tale of Catastrophe Crow certainly evokes previous video game-based creepypasta, it stands on its own thanks to Butcher’s portrayal of the game’s fictional history.

Over the course of the video, he uses edited footage from Nintendo’s now-defunct Space World conventions, fake forum posts, and even manufactured previews in magazines like Nintendo Power in an effort to make the story of Catastrophe Crow seem as real as possible.

As a fan of snoozing to YouTube videos about video game history, I found “What Happened to Crow 64?” to be equal parts soothing and creepy. Turn down the lights and check it out for yourself.

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