What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?
Image: Bungie

We’re still stuck inside, even though the weather is warming up nicely. But that’s OK, because it provides a perfect opportunity to knock out some pesky quests.

After much encouragement and sneakily freeing up space on the household Xbox Series X for Destiny 2 — which was subtly halted because my fiancee knew exactly what was going on — my home has once again become a Destiny hub. My partner and I were enormous fans of the original Destiny, particularly Rise of Iron.

But it was a game that we exclusively enjoyed together, so I held off on properly jumping into Destiny 2 until my partner could enjoy the experience too. And with crossplay finally being a thing, it means I can enjoy cranking the settings up to stupid high on my PC, while my partner can join in on Xbox.

But we don’t have progress in Destiny 2 right now, which is a bit of a problem. That means a lot of the good stuff — all those sweet legendaries — aren’t sitting in our inventory. I don’t have Ace of Spades, goddamnit, and I need that for Crucible.

Image: Valve

Beyond that, there’s two things on my list. I wouldn’t mind getting a few of the short CS:GO matches in, just to see how that effects the economy and flow of things when you’re playing MR9 instead of MR16. The changes to Dust 2 have already been pretty prominent, but I’d actually like to get in more games on Ancient. Hopefully that’ll be possible if people know the matches won’t be as long.

Along with that, there’s Astria Ascending that I’m trying to make some significant headway through. Can’t say much more than that, but check out the Steam page and you’ll get the gist of it. Also, I’m finally getting my first Pfizer shot today. Wish it wasn’t such a hot one because I have to walk about 30 minutes to get there, but better than never at least.

What are you playing this weekend?


  • Alas, heating up and nicely are two opposing concepts in Australia.

    Hope the shot doesn’t knock you around as badly as it has with some folks I know. I was pretty fine with it.

    I’m planning on Saints Row 3rd Remastered, with the usual DBD and Bloodhunt dailies.

  • I’ll be following the rage over the lack of rewards for the 1 year anniversary of Genshin. I’m expecting fireworks.
    I’ll probably play a bit of Genshin too ????

  • Halo, Deathloop, Lost Judgment.

    Between those three, packing for a move and being social, it’s gonna be a hectic weekend.

  • I got the Pfizer vac and didn’t have so much as a single side effect, back to my regular 40 minute workout the next day. I know someone in Melbourne who got the AstraZeneca and were basically bedridden for almost a week. But for games I finally started Forza Horizon 4 and it’s great! I’ve never played a Horizon game before and was not expecting it to be so damn fun (if only I still had my Logitech wheel), it’s been well over a year since I’ve played a racing game too. Maybe it’ll convince me to give NFS Heat a shot as well, I’ve heard that it isn’t terrible like 80% of the NFS games since 2005’s Most Wanted. Why they don’t just give us Underground 3 and rake in the cash is something I’ll never understand.

    • Second dose Pfizer is the one more frequently associated with self-limiting side-effects (the dosing is different with Pfizer, double in the second vax), but also case-by-case so every one is different. My advice is to book in your second Pfizer (or first AZ if someone else is reading this) for the early morning if you have a typical Mon-Fri job so that your symptom onset is in the evening/night.

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