YouTubers Show Old Switch And New OLED Model Running Side By Side

YouTubers Show Old Switch And New OLED Model Running Side By Side
The Switch OLED's screen sure is more vibrant than the standard Switch's. (Screenshot: Nintendo Prime / Kotaku)

The Nintendo Switch — OLED Model is coming out soon, and Nintendo recently held events at which the press could try it out alongside Metroid Dread. YouTube channel Nintendo Prime, a gaming enthusiast channel with a preference for Nintendo games, obtained footage of a Switch OLED sent to them by an anonymous viewer. Using the unboxing and gameplay footage, they created a pretty solid video showing off the Switch OLED and comparing it to the original model.

Nintendo Prime said, as far as they know, the Switch OLED their source took footage of wasn’t obtained through any dubious means (press X to doubt). But in return for sharing footage, the source wanted the Nintendo YouTuber to plug their friend’s son’s YouTube channel, which is wholesome enough.

If you’ve been following news of the new Switch, you’ve seen that the OLED model brings various changes, but much remains the same. For example, we know that the battery life will be about the same as the original Switch’s, rated for between 4.5 and 9 hours. The Nvidia Tegra X1 processor that powers the system’s logic and visuals remains unchanged, too.

The first key difference, obviously, comes in the screen. The Switch OLED has a noticeably larger 7-inch OLED screen, up from 6.2-inch LCD in the original model. In the Nintendo Prime video, you can see it running side-by-side with a standard Switch, and even under these non-ideal conditions the OLED screen is markedly brighter and seemingly whiter than the older console’s LCD.

Another key difference between the two systems is their internal storage capacity. The Switch OLED comes with double the internal storage of the standard Switch, clocking in at 64GB. The dock is redesigned, too, with a built-in LAN connection port which will be a boon for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players seeking low online lag.

The back of the OLED Model's dock apparently pops off rather than being on a hinge like with the standard Switch. (Screenshot: Nintendo Prime / Kotaku) The back of the OLED Model’s dock apparently pops off rather than being on a hinge like with the standard Switch. (Screenshot: Nintendo Prime / Kotaku)

Smaller details include the Switch OLED’s vents appear to be made out of metal rather than plastic. The redesigned dock has substantially updated styling, and its back can now be completely removed to access its AC adaptor, HDMI output, and LAN connection rather than swinging out on a hinge.

The YouTube unboxing footage shows off another key update: The OLED Switch has a kickstand that’s actually worth a damn, spanning across the entire width of the console. It’s quite a contrast to the wimpy little stick attached to the original Switch, which always seemed on the verge of snapping off. (If it did, then your micro SD slot would be forever exposed.) I gotta wonder why Nintendo didn’t go with this more robust design to begin with.

Nintendo Prime’s video is the second unboxing video to make the rounds online, the first being from a Japanese YouTuber called HikakinTV, whose unboxing presentation has far superior production values (and yep, he wears those white unboxing gloves). Between his vid and Nintendo Prime’s, it seems Switch OLED units are sneaking into the public, somehow or other, so this is probably just the start of a deluge of hands-on takes from anyone lucky enough to find one.

The Nintendo Switch — OLED Model’s official release date is October 8.


  • Differences big enough to be impressive when compared side by side, but small enough that they will just become the new norm after a couple of days’ use.

    Kind of happy about these small upgrades, to be honest. When Sony released the PlayStation Pro, newer games started to struggle on launch hardware. It tanked my interest in the platform (not enough of a difference to upgrade, too much of a difference to keep on investing money in new games), so keeping the performance close to level on all four models of Switch makes more sense to me.

  • I find it kind of funny that the source is anonymous but then they give out information that people can use to find them.
    “I’m an anonymous person and hey this is my friend’s son’s channel. Just please don’t figure out who this person’s father is and then track his friends on Facebook/Twitter.”

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