World Of Warcraft Update Removes Suggestive Flirts & Jokes

World Of Warcraft Update Removes Suggestive Flirts & Jokes
Image: Blizzard

Blizzard’s work on cleaning up World of Warcraft in the wake of historical allegations of harassment at the company continue, with the latest round targeting a series of suggestive jokes and flirts that are being removed as part of update 9.1.5.

As detailed by Wowhead, there are a lot of changes, some of them leaving characters with as few as two lines of dialogue to cycle through. And while some are clearly the result of combing back through the archives and removing content that, in the wake of Blizzard’s current crisis, is clearly inappropriate, other cuts are simply down to the fact that it’s now 2021 and some of this stuff is either horribly dated or simply bad.

Some examples of jokes that are being removed are:

Draenei Male: If you could get your hands on my family jewels I would be deeply appreciative.

Goblin Female: I’m a modern goblin woman. Independent? I still let men do nice things to me. But I stopped giving them any credit.

Orc Female: What’s estrogen? Can you eat it?

Tauren Male: Homogenized? No way, I like the ladies.

Meanwhile here are some of the flirts being cut:

Blood Elf Demon Hunter Male: Are you sure you’re not part-demon? I find myself wanting to stalk you.

Blood Elf Female: Normally, I only ride on epic mounts… But, let’s talk.

Dwarf Male: You look pretty, I like your hair, here’s a drink… Are you ready now?

Goblin Male: I got what you need. *sound of zipper*

Highmountain Tauren Female: Are you staring at my rack?

Nightborn Male: Mmmm, I wanna tap that ley line.

Orc Male: Um… You look like a lady.

Troll Female: When enraged, and in heat, a female troll can mate over 80 times in one night. Be you prepared?

Like I said, while some of these are being taken out of the game for obvious reasons, many of them simply suck, and Blizzard must figure hey, since we’re trawling through the archives anyway, may as well do some cleaning while we’re in here. There’s a longer list of the changes over at Wowhead if you really feel like letting out a long, sad groan at how far we’ve all come since 2004.


  • My younger sister was absolutely scatching about the new puritanical direction of WoW when she was telling me about it last.

    I think the thoughts were along the lines of ‘theres no problem with bawdy humor, and no point cutting it, get your shit together regarding the employees’

    Its rather sad how far we’ve regressed since 2004, towards something that seems more fitting in John Howard’s 50s or 60s sensibilities. I don’t doubt that the next thing they’ll do is have all the characters dress like they’re from the Handmaid’s Tale with how much they’re aiming to repress the playerbase and artistic aesthetics.

    • Yeah that’s a stretch. This stuff is purely flavour and I reckon most players have either never noticed it or tried the lines once when they first started and never again. I’m not the tiniest bit bothered to lose content like ‘every female race commenting on whether their tits are real’. Even better if they go further and put some clothes on Ysera and Alexstrasza.

    • Bawdy humour’s fine, but this hasn’t happened in a vacuum. Activision Blizzard are rightly being pilloried for some seriously dodgy behaviour and leaving lines like these in their games that make of light of similar attitudes and behaviour they’r ebeing accused of would be an absolutely terrible move from them right now.

    • The problem was the Blizzcon video where they used that exact style of humour to slap down a girl who was asking why about female archetypes in game. That was used to lambast the studio in social media when the scandal broke.

      Include the fact that all those were senior developers who liked hiding Easter eggs… everything is being looked at in the game.

    • That’s my question: is ANYONE asking for this, or is it just performative “see how we’ve learned our lesson” nonsense? So far as I can tell this is a gift to anti-woke clowns who have their own performative paroxysms to play out, and nobody else.

      But I only have my own perspective so it’s a serious question.

    • Talk about overreaching. its like someone was aiming for Godwins Law and got to Handmaids Tale and thought ‘that far enough’.

  • I’m pretty much fine with this, some of these jokes and flirts are quite tacky anyway. I can understand why some might see it as pandering or covering their asses due to the current climate changes at Blizzard but it’s not really a big deal in the end.

  • “Goblin Female: I’m a modern goblin woman. Independent? I still let men do nice things to me. But I stopped giving them any credit.”

    Sadly, there are numerous people on Twitter who make this kind of comment, and many more who support them for it and I’m pretty sure they aren’t joking.

  • Its sad the only thing changing at Blizzard is small thing’s in their games… and not big changes in their studios.

  • meanwhile FF14 continues to be loaded with dirty jokes and references… it’s almost like the dirty jokes aren’t the problem here.
    I mean quests like Stroking the Haft exist and no one is complaining. no one that I know of complained about the WOW jokes either.

    instead of screwing around with the game and in many players view removing some of the fun in slowly dying game, they could focus on the actual issues. like properly cleaning house and hiring people with a passion to actually improve the game.

    • Yeah FF14 is full of these jokes and even more suggestive armour. I mean you can buy a bikini outfit from the store. There is even a mission where a character straight up talks about how small his dick is.

      Yet the game still has a strong female and LGBT playbase. Which is puzzling given that that the people supporting blizzard removing this stuff claim it makes women uncomfortable.

  • Typical woke folk overcorrection. Bawdy jokes are part of culture worldwide. Most notably in Western Culture is Shakespeare, who is still studied in universities and high schools worldwide and has more dick jokes than people realise.

    You know what the issue with the girl who asked about the female forms in wow is? That she only addressed issues with the female form being on display in its peak. Yes, thin is the human body’s peak form as it is the form female bodies naturally take when they exercise and fight (hello MMA women? No fat there).

    Just like muscular men, but noone talks about that. Wow is FULL of male bodies with massively oversized shoulders, arms and pectorals. Comically oversized in cases. But never corpulent. Why? Because that is the peak form of male bodies. Muscular.

    We who play may be fat, disabled or whatever (100kg dude with a severe back injury here), but our heroes spend all their time running around battling monsters. They are going to be FIT.

    Leave the bawdy jokes, the barely there transmogs, pictures of ladies in paintings. Because guess what? None of that should be seen to be linked to shitty behaviour to real people. What blizz is doing is a massive overreaction, sterilising their own game for the woke crowd to try and make amends for some shitty people doing shitty things and getting away with it for too long. The in game changes are a smokescreen, nothing more.

  • It’s like they are cleaning out the adult toys and smutty magazines from the house in preparation for their passing away, so the kids don’t have to deal with the embarrassment.

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