Fantastic Looking Bloodborne PS1 Demake Is Out January 31

Fantastic Looking Bloodborne PS1 Demake Is Out January 31

Sure, we still don’t have a PC port of Bloodborne, but next year folks will finally be able to play Bloodborne PSX, a fan-made demake of the first section of Bloodborne, complete with boss fights and more. A new trailer released today revealed it’s out for free on January 31, 2022.

It’s the perfect day to release a new trailer for Bloodborne PSX, what with it being Halloween and all. This impressive demake crams almost all of the features and gameplay mechanics from the original Bloodborne into a smaller, retro-inspired PS1-like package that looks both spooky and faithful. Like a game from a weird alternate dimension where Bloodborne was released in 1997.

Its creators, Lilith Walther and Corwyn Prichard have been working on the game on and off for some time now, but production on it really ramped up about a year ago.

In an interview with Kotaku back in January, Walther explained that the reason for making this demake came after she was “inspired by a bunch of demake screenshot mockups that went viral around 2015.”

Over the past year, she’s uploaded near-daily Twitter threads showcasing the progress of Bloodborne PSX. Walther told Kotaku that thanks to the generally simple art style and straightforward mechanics, Bloodborne felt like a perfect fit for a retro demake.

“This might be a somewhat controversial take, but I always thought of the soulsborne games as retro in their feel, and I mean that as a form of the highest praise,” said Walther.

If you want to see the first 10 minutes of Bloodborne PSX, the devs uploaded a video on their YouTube channel showcasing just that. And here’s a nifty comparison for those wondering how this demake stacks up the PS4 original.

Now, after all that work and all those teases via Twitter, you’ll soon be able to play this demake when it releases next year on January 31. It will be a free download and while it’s not a demake of the entire game, it’s still looking to be a fantastic way for Bloodborne fans to re-experience the classic game in a brand new way.


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