Sonic Unleashed Has Finally Been Given The FPS Boost Fans Deserve

Sonic Unleashed Has Finally Been Given The FPS Boost Fans Deserve
Image: Sonic Unleashed / Sega

The Xbox 20th Anniversary showcase is packed to the brim with exciting stuff, from the early Halo Infinite multiplayer release to the announcement of 70+ classic games coming to the Xbox backwards compatibility library. If you’re a Sonic the Hedgehog fan, you’ll be happy to hear that three titles from the series were announced to be receiving a 60 FPS boost update, those titles being Sonic Generations, Sonic Unleashed and Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (and NOTHING for 2006’s Sonic The Hedgehog, which is incredibly heartbreaking and unbelievable).

The response to this announcement from Sonic fans was an interesting evolution to witness, and it was mainly focused on Sonic Unleashed, a game that’s had a history of mixed reviews from critics and fans alike.

It began with some goofing on the original, which had issues in the past with its frame rate and unresponsive controls.

And some goofing on the response to the original, because of course nobody seems to know how anybody actually feels about this game.

These were followed by an air of confusion considering the game seemed to already get an FPS boost when it first arrived in the Xbox library (this was actually a performance update in November 2020 to reduce lag).

And finally, once the update was released… hype.

Sonic Unleashed struggled under the weight of its own power, and it was unanimously agreed that it had previously been released on a console that couldn’t really run the game to its best potential, so it’s somewhat endearing to be able to see it run smoothly on the Xbox Series X/S with the new update. Sure, the Werehog isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, but it’s a relief to see the stunning visuals of Unleashed get the appreciation they’ve always deserved when being played like an informational slideshow on the 360.


  • The game is still horrible, an FPS boost cannot fix that. The game is fundamentally flawed, almost on-par with the 2006 Sonic atrocity. Both from a plot and gameplay standpoint.

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