Twitch On Switch Lets You Take Livestreams On The Go, But There’s A Catch

Twitch On Switch Lets You Take Livestreams On The Go, But There’s A Catch

Twitch has finally launched an app for the Nintendo Switch, allowing users to watch live streams on the go.

A note before we begin: Twitch. Switch. There’s going to be a lot of rhyming in this piece, let’s just get that out of the way right at the top. Okay, let’s proceed.

Though the Switch still lacks a great many video streaming apps that are available on other platforms, the addition of the Twitch app marks an important step forward. Twitch becomes really only the second major video app on the Switch platform, with Netflix remaining curiously silent. Netflix was quick to get on board with previous Nintendo hardware, but for whatever reason it remains uninterested in the Switch.

What’s important to note about this new Switch Twitch is that it’s watch-only. You can’t stream to Twitch via the app the way you can on the PS5 or the Xbox. If you want to stream Switch games, you’ll still be using your PC and capture card.

A quick check of the Australian Nintendo Switch eShop reveals the app is now available in Australia as well.

The app itself is quite basic, though retains a similar front-end to that of the PS5 and Xbox versions. What’s interesting is that, despite the Switch’s touchscreen and keyboard controls, you can’t participate in chat. You can’t even have it scrolling alongside. Instead, you can link the Twitch app on your smartphone via QR code to get involved which, if we’re honest, is a bit strange. Honestly, this is probably just a matter of how much screen real estate Twitch could feasibly use in handheld or tabletop mode. Video, chat and an onscreen keyboard would create a very cluttered interface indeed.

As far as we can see, there’s no way to buy subscriptions, bits or cheers either. That has all likely been shuffled over to the smartphone app.

It’s still Twitch on the Switch, though, so we’ll take it.

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