AFL Club Adelaide Crows Used Super Mario Maker 2 To Announce Its 2022 Fixture

AFL Club Adelaide Crows Used Super Mario Maker 2 To Announce Its 2022 Fixture

The Adelaide Crows AFL team has announced its 2022 fixture in surprising fashion. They’ve created a custom Super Mario Maker 2 level.

The video, posted across Adelaide’s social channels, lists every team the club will face in the 2022 AFL season. It runs for about three minutes, its built on the Super Mario World tileset and it’s extremely cute. See for yourself:

Whether you’re a footy head or not, you have to admit that’s a creative way to get the word out. It’s also no small task to create a level like this. While the level isn’t terribly complex, it is pretty interesting way to get the word out about the team’s forthcoming season. It also says a lot about the intersection of video games and sports in 2021 that such a thing even exists. The football marketing I grew up with would have steered as far away from video games as it could possibly get. That was nerd stuff. No room for it in the sport.

How times have changed. You genuinely love to see it. Shout outs to Adelaide and their love of Mario for helping bridge that gap.

Super Mario Maker 2 launched in 2019 for the Nintendo Switch. While it wasn’t as roundly loved by the community as its predecessor, it’s still found a place among creatives and streamers that enjoy community-made challenges.

You can play the Adelaide Crows’ Super Mario Maker 2 level using the code BW7-736-FTF. If you jump in to check it out, let us know what you think!


  • I’m not sure if this is a joke, the writer isn’t Australian or just doesn’t know anything about footy.

    The twitter account is for the Adelaide Crows, not Port Adelaide Power or Magpies in SANFL…
    Adelaide and Port Adelaide are bitter rivals

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