You Can Play Death’s Door On Switch Now, And It Runs Great

You Can Play Death’s Door On Switch Now, And It Runs Great

Death’s Door could probably run nicely on a smart fridge at this point.

The release of Acid Nerve‘s Death’s Door across all current and next-gen platforms has found the game nothing but praise. We here at Kotaku really, really love this game.

When I started this role, I came to it with only a humble first-release Nintendo Switch to get me by. I’m honestly impressed that the console has managed to last this long considering I’ve dropped it more than once and I’ve had to buy new joy-cons after… that happenedIt does have the odd screen flicker before turning completely black if I have it in handheld mode but the darn thing still works great while docked, and I will literally use stuff until it is broken beyond relief (I have three separate sewing boxes because I keep forgetting I own them and am always sewing buttons back on and holes closed).

When I got the heads up from the lovely folks over at Devolver Digital that Death’s Door would be making it’s way to the Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4/5, I was giddy. Sure, I didn’t have the latter, but I did have the former. I’d already seen people going off online about how great the game is, and then it got nominated for a Game Award so I was desperate.

However, I was also worried. Games for every console including the super-powerful next-gen consoles have had a history of playing pretty shoddily on the Switch, especially the original release console. While I was excited to get my slimy little goblin hands on this game, there was definitely a sense of dread there that I wouldn’t be getting the same experience as everybody else. Please cue the tiniest violin in the world, this is the saddest thing that could ever happen to anybody.

Me when my old Nintendo Switch runs this game without fault. Image: Death’s Door / Devolver Digital.

Well, I’m here to announce to you all that thankfully, I am very close to finishing Death’s Door on the Nintendo Switch and have so far faced absolutely no issues whatsoever. No lagging, no shoddy frame rate issues, nothing. The game runs just as smoothly as it would on any other console, which is definitely a welcome relief. Echoing what literally everyone else has been saying about the game, it is absolutely fucking fantastic. The story is enthralling, the art-style is beautiful, and the gameplay is challenging enough for one to die a lot and swear at the screen but feel a sense of pride when you finally achieve something.

Death’s Door is available now for PC, Xbox One, Xbox X/S. Playstation 4/5, and Nintendo Switch, and if you haven’t given it a go yet, I highly recommend you do.

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