Nintendo Has Finally Launched A Web Based Version Of The Switch eShop

Nintendo Has Finally Launched A Web Based Version Of The Switch eShop

Nintendo has, at long last, launched a web based version of its Nintendo Switch eShop, making its entire digital storefront accessible via desktop or mobile for the first time.

First reported by VOOKS, the web based eShop can before found within the My Nintendo Store. The store has been broken out into sections, similar to the eShop on the Switch, and covers new releases, freebies, sales, and pre-orders. Purchases made via the website will be bound to your Nintendo Switch account and you can download them the next time you log in on your console. Titles featured under Recent Releases include The LetterOne Hand Clapping, Shovel Knight: Pocket Dungeon, Circa Infinity, and A Year of Springs.

The store’s most glaring omission is that of any search functionality whatsoever. If the game you’re looking for doesn’t appear in any of the sections on the page, there isn’t any way to look for it. It’s certainly a strange decision to make, given the size of the eShop’s digital library. Even the Switch-based version of the eShop has search functionality. I’m sure Nintendo will implement a search function shortly.

Wishlist functionality is included on the site — just tap the heart icon next to each game to add it to your wishlist — but it isn’t immediately obvious where you can see your full list. You’ll find it under Nintendo Account Settings > Shop Menu > Wish List. Hopefully, Nintendo can find a more obvious spot for it on the site in the future.

Switch owners have been asking for a web based version of the eShop since the console’s launch in 2017. It’s uncertain when the site went live. Nintendo hasn’t sent any press releases about the store’s launch, and it hasn’t responded to a request for comment. Nevertheless, it’s live and available to you now.

You can click here head over to the store directly.


Update: 16/12/21 11:30 AM

Eagle-eyed Kotaku user sibalicious spotted that the Wishlist functionality is actually implemented on the page, it’s just weirdly hard to find. We’ve updated the piece to reflect this.


  • I’ve been using Deku Deals for ages to search and buy Switch games from my PC.
    Good they’ve got a front end to the buying via website that’s been there for a long while now.

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