Nintendo Hunts Down Videos Of Fan-Made Pokémon FPS

Nintendo Hunts Down Videos Of Fan-Made Pokémon FPS

For the post month Reddit user Dragon_GameDev2 has been working on a little side project imagining a Pokémon game, built using Unreal Engine, that you played on a PC in first-person.

While your thoughts may now be drifting towards something resembling Pokemon Snap, Dragon_GameDev2 had more violent plans for this game, and instead showed off some videos where players were dropped into a Pokémon-filled landscape, given modern firearms and set free to hunt (and defend yourself from) as many of the pocket monsters as they liked.

While it was a little jarring seeing someone empty a whole clip into an innocent little Pokémon, complete with blood effects, the basic premise of “Pokemon x FPS” was still exciting enough for people that shortly after Dragon_GameDev2 posted some clips of their project on Reddit and YouTube, they blew up.

And as we all know, when something a Nintendo fan does blows up, Nintendo loves to respond with thanks, admiration and respect. Just kidding, they got most of his videos taken down. Even tweets highlighting the clips have had the footage removed. One of the only places you can still see the game in action — at least where Dragon_GameDev2 themselves uploaded it — is on Reddit:

This sucks, just like it always does, because unlike many other major international companies Nintendo seems utterly unwilling — or even unable — to differentiate between commercial projects that infringe on their copyrights and fan-made playthings that are free and made for fun. This, for example, was just the first in a year-long series Dragon_GameDev2 hopes to complete where they make a new game every month.

And just so we can get this on the record, in case you never realised that legal teams work harder than just checking Kotaku once a week, we did not post about this project, nor did we even mention it in passing, and yet Nintendo’s lawyers found it all the same. The point isn’t that people need to keep things like this a secret, the point is that Nintendo needs to chill!


Nintendo’s Lawyers Need To Chill

Image: NintendoImage: Nintendo

It’s almost a meme at this point, so predictable and tragic has the process become. The world finds out about a cool fan game someone (or a team) has made, the world gets ready to enjoy it, Nintendo’s lawyers step in, they get it taken down, and we don’t end up getting to enjoy it after all.


  • Again another project that falls over because they don’t anticipate this action.

    The best option is to create the game with stock copyright free art work, release it… even if the game plays exactly like another game, it’s most often not un breach of any IP.

    Then release a mod that has the copyright intellectual property.

    Even if they somehow get the mod banned, they can’t usually ban the game especially if your using seperate user accounts for the game and the mod.

    Think of all the Skyrim and GTA mods.

  • “The point isn’t that people need to keep things like this a secret, the point is that Nintendo needs to chill!”

    Maybe the point should be, don’t create stuff that uses someone else’s intellectual property without their permission? Nintendo is hardly an outlier here, many major brands from Hasbro to Disney are also very protective of their IPs. And it’s not hard to see why Nintendo would have a problem with this particular project.

    Why did this project need to use Pokemon specifically? It didn’t. The creator only used Pokemon because it’s a recognisable brand and they wanted the exposure. They probably knew full well that Nintendo would step in once word got out, because they almost always do. But they probably don’t care. It’s done its job, people are aware of it, sites like Kotaku are reporting on it. This is all just publicity now, publicity that wouldn’t have happened had they not used Pokemon and just created their own characters.

  • See all this tells me is the guy had the talent to make something quality like the upcoming monster/builder/shooter game, that I’m excited for and can’t even remember the name.

    • Palworld. Most of the mainstream scummy gaming cabal like Polygon and co. have shoved their articles through the door for its latest trailer release last week.

  • Heres an idea, and bear with me hear this is a complicated one.


    This could have easily continued had they instead made parodies of the pokemon instead of direct rips.

    People know how takedown happy nintendo is. If you make games containing their copyrighted content while knowing how nintendo is, its your own fault.

  • Why is reddit embedding so spastic? The article you wanted to link to didn’t get hyperlinked/embedded btw.

    The real tragedy is that nobody besides one other guy here is bringing up the monster-catching FPS, Palworld, that was shown off 2021. That’s a better iteration of the concept, and looks much more engaging.

    Somehow slapping pokemon onto anything goes ‘viral’ just because it’s pokemon.

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