Elden Ring Player Creates Dragon Priest Build Called ‘One Munch Man,’ Eats Bosses Alive

Elden Ring Player Creates Dragon Priest Build Called ‘One Munch Man,’ Eats Bosses Alive

An Elden Ring player has turned their Dragon Priest build into a one-tap weapon of boss destruction.

Reddit user UnluckyFish posted a clip of their build in action on the r/EldenRing subreddit overnight. The clip features UnluckyFish preparing to challenge the Red Wolf of Radagon. Unlucky pops several key buffs before entering the chamber, some of which stack and some that appear to “play nice” with each other. The results speak for themselves:

A whole-ass dragon head erupts from UnluckyFish’s character and, with a single bite, brings the Red Wolf down. The primary buff here is the Dragonmaw incantation. This allows the player to summon a dragon that automatically bites any foe before them. Every other part of Unlucky’s build is curated to buff this one move. There is a companion incantation called Dragonclaw that performs a similar function, though Dragonmaw appears to have a greater range and deals higher overall damage.

Unlucky has appropriately dubbed their one-hit Elden Ring build “One Munch Man.” For the non-anime fans in the room: this is a play on One Punch Man, an anime about a warrior capable of felling any enemy in a single blow. So when you have a character build this powerful, what’s the next step? Test their build’s viability against some of the game’s toughest bosses, of course.

A noble goal, I think you’ll agree. A one hit build is an Elden Ring white whale for many, and we look forward to following Unlucky’s progress. If you can one-hit Starsourge Radahn, we’ll consider the whole experiment a rousing success.

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