Trek To Yomi Has Been Rated In Australia

Trek To Yomi Has Been Rated In Australia

Seen just yesterday during the most recent State of Play broadcast, Trek To Yomi has been given an MA15+ rating in Australia.

Trek To Yomi recieved the only rating handed down by the Classifications Board yesterday. In its findings, the Board indicates that strong impact violence is the reason for the game’s rating. Other observations inlcude moderate impact themes and low impact language.

Trek To Yomi is a side-scrolling beat-em-up about a samurai on a quest for vengeance. Rendered in a Kurosawa-esque black and white film-grain the game makes great use of shadows and light. It also doesn’t seem to be afraid of shooting Kill Bill tier gouts of blood everywhere, either, which explains that violence rating.

Some have already pointed out the game’s narrative proximity to Ghost of Tsushima and that seems fair. Both games follow a samurai displaced and left for dead by a powerful invading force. Both heroes want nothing but revenge on those that wronged them.

Leonard Menchiari and Polish studio Flying Wild Hog are co-developing the game. Devolver Digital will publish. You can read the Classification Board’s full ruling here.


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