5 Games Under $3 In The Nintendo eShop That Are Actually Good

5 Games Under $3 In The Nintendo eShop That Are Actually Good

I don’t know about you, but I personally see a lot of cheap garbage in the Nintendo eShop.

The Nintendo eShop is packed to the brim with shovelware and general crap, especially if you look at the cheaper stuff. I get it, you wanted to make a quick buck so you made Grongus Jump or Do A Math (to my knowledge, neither of these games exist, but you get my point).

However, there is some good stuff for us cheapskates. Obviously not a lot, but there’s something! I’m sure if you’re a Nintendo Switch owner, you’re probably looking for the next bargain considering Nintendo first-party games rarely go on sale for much in the eShop.

And hey, maybe you’re looking for something outside of the first-party titles. And HEY! Maybe you’ve racked up a bunch of Gold Points in the eShop and you want to grab a few freebies in one go. If that’s the case, here are some Nintendo Switch games under $5 in the Nintendo eShop that are actually good (in my opinion, of course).

Toree 3D  ($1.49)

Toree 3D is a fun little low-poly 3D platformer made by developer Siactro. You play a little bird called Toree that must sprint and jump through incredibly colourful and simple levels. It’s surprisingly difficult and very reminiscent of old PlayStation platformers.

Toree 2 ($1.49)

Toree 2 is the sequel to Toree 3D, also made by Siactro. Similar vibes to the first game, with added game mechanics and new environments.

A ($1.50)

is a weird one. I love it though. First things first, it’s incredibly hard to find a game called A. It’s a side-scrolling platformer made by Banana Cat, where you play a sperm-looking character. The vibe is off (in a good way), the music is tense and strange, and the visuals are very weird.

NO THING ($2.99)

NO THING is a surreal runner game made by Evil Indie Games. The soundtrack on this one is fantastic and the aesthetic is pleasing. It can get real difficult the further along you go, and the execution of the story is quite interesting, as you’re moving through the game so fast that it can sometimes be hard to follow yet the continued failure that you (might) have forces you to pay attention to what’s happening story-wise.

MacBat 64 ($2.99)

MacBat 64 is another title made by Siactro, and is a bit of a step up from the Toree titles. This one is a very obvious nod to Banjo Kazooie, and is a great example of well-executed nostalgia bait. Everything about it screams Rare, and is one to play if you’re a fan of Banjo Kazooie. It genuinely looks and feels like a Nintendo 64 game. MacBat 64 is more akin to Siactro’s other low-poly game Kiwi 64, which has a sequel coming this year.

These are my top picks, and don’t include anything on sale, as sadly sales end and prices go back up. If you have any cheap favourites on the Nintendo Switch that you’ve had a good time with, let us know!

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