Elden Ring Hacker Makes Greyoll Get Up, Crashes Game

Elden Ring Hacker Makes Greyoll Get Up, Crashes Game

Elden Ring has been out for long enough now that we’re seeing more and more of what people can do with the game, including bringing the big fellas to life for a laugh.

The game is already huge, and there’s already plenty to see and do. Elden Ring modders, on the other hand, would probably argue that there’s so much more that can be unlocked and added to the game. There’s also the side of the Elden Ring hacking and modding community that just want to be agents of chaos, and I respect that greatly.

Elden Ring already has a host of very large enemies, like the Big Lobster, the Big Dog, and the Big UglyElden Ring loves big guys, it’s plain to see. However, some of the biggest guys in the game are notably unmoving, which is probably for the best because they are simply much too large for anybody to handle, and too large for even the game to handle.

Zullie the Witch is a dedicated Dark Souls hacker, with her published work going back to 5 years ago on Dark Souls 3. Since then, she’s been regularly posting hacks of Souls games like Bloodborne and Sekiro, as well as all the Dark Souls games (duh). Her work also includes explainers of why certain mechanics and other aspects are in the games.

In a move many would consider a ‘no-brainer’, Zullie’s content more recently has been Elden Ring content. Most recently, she’s brought two of Elden Ring‘s largest NPCs to life.

In the video above, Zullie explains that giant characters like Greyoll the dragon and the Great Jar do have the same animations as their smaller counterparts, with said larger NPCs simply being resized versions. However, Greyoll and the Great Jar remain still, for good reason. Zullie’s hacks force both enemies to be animated like their smaller versions, which results in the Great Jar doing just fine, but Greyoll taking a huge toll on the game itself, lagging greatly and sometimes crashing the game entirely.

At the end of the day, it’s probably for the best that FromSoftware put these big ones in a constant state of stillness, as it’s usually a good thing when games work. Despite this, we love to see a good Elden Ring hack.


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