Everyone Look At My Son, LEGO BD-1

Everyone Look At My Son, LEGO BD-1
I would die for him, your honour. Image: LEGO, Lucasfilm
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I just want everyone to take a moment to look at my son, LEGO BD-1. Please look at him and celebrate his many achievements.

Thank you. We can now proceed with the rest of the piece.

So what are you looking at? You’re looking at the new LEGO BD-1 kit, based on your little droid mate from Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

LEGO BD-1 is a bit over 1000 pieces and stands 31cm tall. The finished model is designed for display, but BD-1’s head can be swivelled forward, backward and side-to-side for posing.

The model will set you back $159.99 in Australia, and orders will start shipping in August. From the looks of things, preorders are currently open in the States, but not in Australia just yet. We’ll update this piece when they live so you have a shot at securing one.

BD-1 became an instant fan-favourite in Respawn Entertainment’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. In the game, the little droid plays sidekick to hero Cal Kestis, feeding him healing stims and opening locked doors. Able to roll around on the runners beneath his feed, BD-1 spend most of its in-game time on Cal’s back, where it functioned as a Dead Space-esque in-world health bar. The droid was originally the property of Jedi Master Eno Cordova. After Cordova’s death on Bogano, the droid was left unaccompanied, its memory locked. BD-1 found his way into Kestis’ possession when he arrived on Bogano, several years after Order 66 and the rise of the Galactic Republic.

The LEGO BD-1 is rated for ages 14 and up, so don’t expect a terribly complex build. However, the finished model looks extremely cool and we know we’d love to have him on our shelf.

LEGO announced the BD-1 kit around the massive Star Wars Celebration convention in the US, and EA’s announcement that Star Wars Jedi: Survivor would become the sequel to Fallen Order.


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