V Rising Mods Are Already Fixing The Game’s Camera, Thank God

V Rising Mods Are Already Fixing The Game’s Camera, Thank God

V Rising mods are already arriving to help fix the game’s disorientating camera.

V Rising has been doing a roaring trade on Steam since it went into Early Access in late May. Since launch, the game has shot to the top of Steam’s sales charts, shipping over a million copies in its first week on sale. A survival RPG in the vein of Valheim, the game’s major wrinkle is that you play a vampire, and the survival needs of a vampire are vastly different to that of a human being.

Of the many things the game gets right, people seem to love its simple loot-to-power system, and its effective, efficient building controls. Players are able to construct the gothic nightmare cathedral of their wildest fantasies and then live in it. The game then becomes about defending their new home from locals who are less than thrilled about all the vampires moving in.

However, because the game is in early access, it still has many rough edges. One of the roughest, at least for me personally, is the game’s camera. The default camera angle sits strangely high above the player character. Rotating the camera changes the direction your character is facing which means, in combat, you often end up facing the wrong way. It also sits quite far out from your character, and don’t really allow for much manual control. It was the first major irritation I flagged about the game when playing it with friends over the weekend.

Well, good news. A few inventive modders have already begun to solve the problem.

V Rising mods, and how to install them

There are two V Rising mods you need to install to fix the camera, and here they are.

ModernCamera removes V Rising‘s zoom limitations, allowing you to place the camera behind your character like a third-person action game.

Another mod, HideInterface does exactly what it says on the tin: press the F11 and the UI magically goes away.

These mods are hosted on the modding database Thunderstore.io. If there’s a downside to these mods, it’s that you can only use them in the game’s single-player mode. Mods, sadly, won’t work in online multiplayer. Whether or not that will change in the future is anyone’s guess.

Getting these mods running requires downloading a separate mod called BepInExPack_V_Rising. Extract that zip and drop its contents into the V Rising Steam folder. Now, when you start the game, the BepInEx console will show up before the game even starts to load. Make sure the LAN checkbox is ticked, start the game, and then quit out. The game should have now created a BepInEx/plugins folder in the V Rising Steam directory.

Add the ModernCamera and HideInterface .dll files to that plugins folder. And with that, you can fire up the game and enjoy all that extra control over the game’s camera.

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