Tekken 2, Once $14500 On The PS Store, Now Only $600

Tekken 2, Once $14500 On The PS Store, Now Only $600

I was personally wary of paying $14482 for Tekken 2, but I think I’m feeling a lot more comfortable paying $600 instead.

As reported by Press Start Australia, PlayStation has once again found themselves unable to truly put a correct price on Tekken 2, with the game reportedly showing up on the PlayStation Store for a very reasonable $600.

Image: Press Start Australia / PlayStation

If this were any other game, I would look at the screen and go, “Are you freakin’ kidding me?”. However, I find it very difficult to say that this is a complete scam. In fact, we have been blessed with an outright bargain right here, my good boyles, goyles and thoyles. Previously on the US PlayStation Store, Tekken 2 was selling for an eyewatering price of $US9999 ($AU14482). How would I pay that price? I have children (myself) to feed.

Of course, the big Tekken man himself Katsuhiro Harada weighed in, saying the $600 price point is an “amazing price by Sony”. While considerably lower that the first price, Harada is clearly a man that appreciates a good deal.

This blow-up in price has seemingly not occurred with literally any other game in the wake of the new PlayStation Plus tier system, so we have to ask: What is it about Tekken 2 that makes it so expensive? Is it simply so powerful that PlayStation couldn’t possibly charge less?

Does it, in fact, come with a return ticket to a beautiful tropical location where one might lock eyes with their soulmates over one too many bottomless margaritas? Do you pay the price of $600-$14482 to find yourself making unforgettable memories with the one you love, who you could’ve only met through the inflated price of Tekken 2 for the PS4 and PS5? When you’re walking down the aisle, do you look to your left and nod to your motionless PlayStation console, that somehow managed to find its own way to the wedding?

Is the price we pay for a digital copy of Tekken 2 the key to happiness for the rest of our days? Maybe, I dunno.

At the time of writing, it seems like this has been fixed, with Tekken 2 coming up with no price at all on the PlayStation Store. Instead, it is simply included with PlayStation Plus Deluxe. But hey, if we were ever questioning the value of PlayStation’s new subscription service, let’s just remember that we are basically getting a game that can range anywhere between $600 and $14482 pretty much for free!

How much would you personally spend on Tekken 2? Name your price and your conditions!

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