Unpacking Easter Egg Reveals Witch Beam’s Next Game, TemPoPo

Unpacking Easter Egg Reveals Witch Beam’s Next Game, TemPoPo
Image: Witch Beam

Turns out there was more to unpack in Unpacking (sorry).

BAFTA award-winning indie game Unpacking, a puzzle game loved by all of us here at Kotaku Australia, is filled to the brim with teeny-tiny little details that are pleasing to the eyes and ears.

From the pixel-art GameCube games to the hyper-detailed foley work put into the sound design, there’s a lot to see and a lot to hear.

The thing is, apparently we didn’t even pick up on everything until now. According to a blog post from the Witch Beam team behind the game, an easter egg was placed in Unpacking from the very beginning that nobody had picked up on yet.

Maybe you saw it while playing the game and didn’t think much of it, or maybe you never found it at all. The post reads:

A pixel art rendition of the key art for our next game exists somewhere inside Unpacking, and no one has found it yet! Let us know if you find it!

After this, the hunt was on. Thankfully, YouTuber xGarbett managed to find the easter egg, revealing that Witch Beam’s next game in development is a title called TemPoPo.

The Witch Beam website doesn’t give away much, simply the title of TemPoPo and the ominous words, ‘Coming Soon’. Based on what we can see from the pixel art rendition of the key art of TemPoPo and the title itself, it looks like the game may be a colourful rhythm-based game.

We’ll just have to wait and see what Witch Beam has in store for us, but I’m personally thrilled to see them working on another title, and I love a good musical adventure game.

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