You Can Buy A Gaming PC At Bunnings Now

You Can Buy A Gaming PC At Bunnings Now
Image: Kokkai Ng, Getty

Did you know you can buy a prefab gaming PC at Bunnings now? Because I certainly didn’t.

Bunnings, national hardware megachain and favourite weekend destination of baby boomers cheaply outfitting their seventh home, now deals in gaming peripherals. And not just cheap stuff either, they’re into the high-end, fancy gear. $400 Cherry keyboards and $700 Twitch streamer desks. Seriously, take a look.

Desks. Gaming chairs. Headsets. Mice. Keyboards. Mousepads. Speakers. A kitschy lamp that projects the Call of Duty logo onto your desk? Even kitschier home decor, like signs that say Go Away, I’m Gaming. It’s like a Zing Pop Culture shop has taken root in the Bunnings brainstem and is rapidly spreading.

They’re also selling a foosball table. That’s not really capital-g Gamer related, but it is novel.

Anyway, I was today years old when I discovered the Bunnings range was far wider than I already thought it was. I was also today years old when I discovered that TEAC, a brand that was everywhere in my childhood, does in fact still exist.

When did this happen? Was it recent? Have these gaming peripherals been hanging out at Bunnings for a while and I just haven’t noticed? I have so many questions.

Anyway, there you go: Bunnings Warehouse does gamer gear now. Lowest latency is just the beginning.


  • News to me! But all they have to do is add a stationary aisle at this point and I wouldn’t have to go anywhere else!

  • A gaming PC? at Bunnings Warehouse?
    Bunnings is supposed to be offering everything for the home and garden but a gaming PC and office furniture at Bunnings Warehouse?
    Get a life for crying out loud!

  • Sadly you won’t find these in store – the ‘Marketplace’ tag means they’re sold online and shipped by a third party.

  • Yeah I’ve been buying the Kensington Orbit Trackball from there for years now, the only place I get it cheaper than the official store

  • My random Bunning’s discovery was the coffee. It’s actually really nice in those in store cafes.

  • You can’t buy them at Bunnings.

    “Bunnings Marketplace products are sold online and delivered directly to customers by the third-party Trusted Sellers that we have partnered with. This means you won’t be able to find Bunnings Marketplace products stocked in your local Bunnings store.”

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