Watch The First-Person Mod For Spider-Man In Action, Try Not To Puke

Watch The First-Person Mod For Spider-Man In Action, Try Not To Puke

Everyone knows what it looks like when Spider-man webslings through New York City. The silhouette of ol’ Webhead himself, contorted against the Manhattan skyline, is by now a cultural institution. But, with one or two notable exceptions, we really only ever get to see Spidey in action from a third-person perspective.

All this to say: if you’ve ever wanted to know what web-slinging through New York in first-person would be like, boy do we have the Marvel’s Spider-Man mod for you.

POV: You’re Spider-man heading downtown.

The mod, created by modder jedijosh920, takes the camera in the PC version of Insomniac’s Spider-Man and makes it fully first person. Every move Spidey makes, every flip, every flick of his head, you can now experience from his direct point of view.

The result is occasionally exhilarating, sometimes confusing, and sometimes absolutely stomach-turning. Climbing to the top of the city’s tallest buildings and taking in the view provides a dizzying sense of scale in a game already packed with it. While web-slinging is a more or less readable exercise, point launch and web zip moves are less legible. The camera scrambles for a moment with each quick movement leaving the viewer a bit dazed. The game doesn’t quite seem to know how to represent depth-of-field in first-person either, with focus shifting in and out with every fresh web. I choose to believe this is simply Parker struggling to hold onto his lunch as he yeets himself between the brickwork.

Jedijosh is a frequent Spider-Man modder, creating debug menus and tools for other modders to employ. His black symbiote suit has proven to be a very popular download indeed, while others introduce a greater degree of control over the game’s physics and systems. One mod turns Spidey into a cold-blooded murderer, removing the automatic webbing that prevents enemies thrown from building tops from falling to their deaths. Another grants the player control over the exact speed of Spider-man’s web swings.

Though the Spider-Man first-person mod is not yet on Nexus Mods, you can keep up with Jedijosh and the many mods he creates on his official Discord, which is linked in the description on the YouTube video embedded above.

Source: TheGamer

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