It’s Not Easy, But Here’s How You Get Rich Soil In Disney Dreamlight Valley

It’s Not Easy, But Here’s How You Get Rich Soil In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Gameloft recently updated its exercise in mouse farming, life sim Disney Dreamlight Valley, adding useful bug fixes and, more thrillingly, The Lion King’s anthropomorphic bad boy, Scar. Scar’s on-screen brooding is already problematic — plotting to kill your family members because their eyes aren’t as sultry as yours is not practicing kindness — and his Dreamlight questlines requirements are similarly taxing.

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Meeting Scar will initiate his Nature and Nurture quest to rehabilitate Sunlit Plateau, an undertaking that absolutely must require 10 Rich Soil, a rare farming drop.

There is no “easy” way to acquire this soil, but there are ways to make the process of obtaining it easier, and I can guide you through that. At one point, you might ask yourself, is it worth it? To that I say, I don’t know. Are Scar’s eyes notably sultry for a cartoon lion?

Stock up on wheat seeds

Rich Soil is a rare harvesting byproduct, and to gather Scar’s required 10, you’ll need to do quite a bit of farming. We’re talking about putting down hundreds of crops, two to three hundred at the very least.

Rich Soil’s drop rate does not seem to increase with a crop’s rarity or value, so this is truly a quantity over quality operation. The best way to bring the sorry state of industrial agriculture to Disney is to use Food, Inc. as accursed inspiration — buy cheap, work fast, and keep labour costs low. Try not to avert your gaze when you look in the mirror.

After learning how to live with yourself, find joy in the fact that the cheapest, fastest-growing crop in Dreamlight Valley is available right from the game’s get-go. Just make sure you’ve opened up Goofy’s sales stall in the introductory area Peaceful Meadow for 500 Coins and upgraded it for 1000. After that, Wheat is available to purchase for the respectable price of one Coin, and it grows in an equally agreeable one minute.

Once you have your necessary droves of Wheat, grab your assigned farming buddy and start planting it all. And harvesting. And planting. Plant while it’s raining to get your watering taken care of naturally. Continue the thankless process until you have the 10 rich soil you need and Scar shuts up. Rich Soil is a seemingly completely random product of farming, farming a lot.

Cross your fingers and hope for the best

Unlike plain Soil, which regular shoveling kicks up in abundance, Rich Soil has an obscure drop rate. Based on the different figures players are reporting, getting 10 Rich Soil might take you anywhere between 150 and 700 harvested crops. Try not to be wholly discouraged by that figure, though it is discouraging. You don’t need to focus solely on Scar’s questline, so try to take breaks with this one and compile what you need slowly. It’s not your fault. Cartoon lions don’t have a good sense of boundaries.


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