A Group Of Players Are Beating Hollow Knight Using Twitch Chat Controls Only

A Group Of Players Are Beating Hollow Knight Using Twitch Chat Controls Only

Fans starved for new information on Hollow Knight: Silksong are passing the time by replaying the original Hollow Knight via Twitch.

As most people know, Hollow Knight is a notoriously difficult Metroid-style adventure game by South Australian developer Team Cherry. The game, known for challenging boss fights and precise jumping puzzles, has become beloved among fans of the genre. It requires a certain amount of concentration, patience, and skill to progress through the Hollow Knight gauntlet.

This is why the idea of playing it remotely, in concert with hundreds of other people, sounds like a nightmare. But that’s exactly what these fans are doing. Observe:

And what’s crazier is that they’re making it work. They’re dodging incoming attacks, they’re darting in to hit the bosses with chip damage and backing out to a safe distance. They’re playing Hollow Knight together, via Twitch chat. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more coordinated group of Twitch players in my life.

Working together through the chat console in traditional Twitch Plays style, the viewers have been crushing bosses and making their way through the game for several days now. The controls, as you can see, are displayed on-screen and viewers can type their commands in the chat. Those commands are communicated to the game, and the Hollow Knight character moves around in accordance with their wishes.

If you want to get involved, you can follow all the action over at the PapaJoshhh Twitch channel.

Hollow Knight: Silksong hasn’t been seen for a little while now — the last time any new information on it came through was in June around Keigh-3 (aka Summer Game Fest) when it was confirmed that the game would arrive on Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation platforms at launch. This put a pin in the idea that the game would be a Nintendo Switch exclusive, due to its frequent appearances during Nintendo Direct presentations. Though Team Cherry did indicate that it intended to ship within 12 months of that last trailer, it remains to be seen if Silksong will set a release date within that window. Hollow Knight fans are a patient lot. I think they’ll be happy to wait as long as they have to if it means Team Cherry can perfect the much-anticipated follow-up.

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