Marvel Snap Will Soon Let You Grind For Specific Cards, Not Just Random Ones

Marvel Snap Will Soon Let You Grind For Specific Cards, Not Just Random Ones

Marvel Snap has only been out of beta for a few short weeks, but it’s already quite popular. Still, in 2022, games don’t launch finished, and Marvel Snap is no exception. The team behind Snap has big plans to update, expand, and improve the game into 2023. One big change coming “soon” is the introduction of tokens and the ability to grind to unlock specific cards for free using this new currency, according to the dev comments from the official Discord server.

If you’ve been on the internet in the last few weeks, you’ve likely seen people writing and talking about Marvel Snap, a newly released free-to-play online card game for PC and mobile. Every card in Snap is a Marvel character or creature, and players craft decks of 12 cards before competing in fast-paced six-turn matches against other opponents. Thanks to Snap’s random zones that can greatly change up a match, every time you play it feels different and exciting. In other words, it’s a very good game, one that has completely consumed my life as of late. And a big part of the game’s progression is unlocking cards, but currently, the only way to get new ones is to grind your way through random drops via the collection progression system. However, you’ll soon have a new way to unlock specific cards using collector tokens.

Wait, you might be asking, what’s a collector token? Well, that’s a good question! And the answer can be found in Marvel Snap’s official Discord server where players and devs chat about the game and its future updates. Thankfully, for those of us who don’t use Discord much, a helpful player summarized some of the recent news and updates shared there in an easy-to-read Reddit post.

According to the Marvel Snap team, tokens will be added “very soon” and will be a new free currency that players earn via upgrading their collection level and opening caches. (So yes, you’ll still need to upgrade those ugly pixel art variants…) These new tokens can be used to unlock specific cards that will appear in a new section of the shop. Every few hours a card you don’t own will appear here, and you can use your tokens to grab it. But, if you don’t have enough tokens to get the card you want when it shows up in the shop, you’ll be able to freeze the shop and lock that card in place so you can grind up tokens to get it.

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Developer Second Dinner says this isn’t meant to become the primary way players will unlock new cards, that will still be done via upgrading the collection level and random drops. But it hopes this new system will provide players with a method to get the specific card they need to finish up their perfect destroy or move deck.

When the discussion around Collecter Tokens first started up, some players asked if they would retroactively receive tokens after opening tons of caches already. Initially, Marvel Snap boss Ben Brode said no, as those chests weren’t empty before. This was not received well by players as many felt this punished early adopters who have been grinding away for weeks. But it seems things have changed as he tweeted yesterday that the team has a new plan for these players and will share details about it “over the next couple weeks.” Brode also promised plenty of new cards in the future so folks will have more things to spend tokens on as they level up.



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