New God Of War Game Means New God Of War Cosplay

New God Of War Game Means New God Of War Cosplay

We’ve featured German cosplayer Maul a ton of times on Kotaku, maybe more than any other individual cosplayer, and there’s a very good reason for that: just look at these photos.

While he’s best known for his recurring takes on Geralt of Rivia, ranging from “being Geralt” to “being Geralt skateboarding in LA”, Maul has also done a ton of work — both paid (like this, this one’s an ad for PlayStation) and personal — on series like Dishonored, Cyberpunk and Metal Gear Solid as well.

Today, though, we’re looking at his latest shoot, an incredible take on God of War’s Kratos for the release of Ragnarok that sees Maul (and his team) nailing just about everything, from the costume to the weathered leather to the bodypaint to the muscles to the beard to…more muscles (which, despite Maul’s considerable size IRL, are in this case a suit)

He’s joined by Korriban Cosplay, as Kratos’ son Atreus, and together they make about as good an inspiration for Amazon’s live-action TV adaptation as you’re ever going to get.

Also working on the costumes and shoot were Maja Felicitas, Lenora Costumes, hair specialists Bakka Cosplay, Tingilya Cosplay, Bucky Props & Cosplay, Flying Illustration, while all photos were taken by one of the best in the business, eosAndy.

Ragnarok is out today, but we reviewed it last week, where Zack had this to say:

Yes, the axe is cool. Sure, the fights are tons of fun. And I definitely enjoyed exploring every nook and cranny of the large worlds you get to visit. But what kept me glued to my PS5 for nearly 40 hours was the story of a son becoming a man and a father trying to figure out how he feels about that. I probably could have enjoyed this story a tad more with about half as many puzzles and skill menus, but even so, I found myself smiling, feeling satisfied, as the credits rolled. As I said at the start, God of War Ragnarök is very good.

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